Connect a GPS application to GpsGate

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Note! GpsGate Splitter was formerly known as GpsGate Client

Connecting a GPS application to GpsGate Splitter

What is a virtual port?

A virtual port is a “fake” serial port that GpsGate creates. GPS applications (and other applications as well) can connect to this port and believe it is a real serial port. The GPS application will believe it is a real GPS. By creating virtual ports, you can have several GPS applications share one GPS.

Create virtual ports using the Wizard

The easiest way to create some virtual ports is by using the Setup Wizard. If you have already run the Wizard you can do it again by opening the Settings dialog and click “Setup Wizard…”

Manually creating virtual ports

Open the Settings dialog from the Tray manu. Select the “Output” tab. Select “Virtual Port” from the drop down. Click “Add”.

A dialog now opens were you can select a virtual port to create. This is the port you should connect your GPS application to.

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