GPS status information

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Note! GpsGate Splitter was formerly known as GpsGate Client

Tray icon colors and shapes

The tray icon always indicates the status of GpsGate. The status icon is also displayed in the Input tab of the Settings dialog. Here is a list of the possible displayed tray icons:

No GPS or NMEA data is detected by GpsGate.

Valid GPS data has been detected at the selected input, but the GPS data has no fix, that is it cannot determine its position (yet).

A valid GPS position (fix) has been detected at the selected input.

If the tray icon is not green your GPS application will not display/use a correct position.

Detailed status for Input

Open the Settings dialog from the Tray menu. In the Input tab, you can read out the status of the Input (GPS). The above line, marked with a red arrow, will display any errors or status messages. The line below displays information about which kind of data is coming in.

Detailed status for Outputs

Open the Output tab in the Settings dialog.

By clicking on each item in the list of active Outputs, you can see its status, marked with red arrow in the picture below. Any error message will be shown here or any other useful status information. Here one GPS application is connected to Virtual COM4.

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