Tracker App

Get started tracking with nothing but your smartphone.

Use a smartphone as a tracking device for GpsGate Server

Screenshot of a smartphpone using the GpsGate tracker app

No extra hardware required

Smartphones are already used for driving directions and communication with operators & customers. With the Tracker app, you can also use existing driver smartphones to send tracking data to GpsGate. Fleets can start tracking with no additional hardware costs.

smartphoneiOS and Android versions

Compatible with your preferred device.

phonelink_setupQuick set up

Set up your tracking in minutes with GpsGate Server.

warningSOS support

Drivers can send an SOS command using the app

SOS signal

Protect your drivers wherever they are

Fleet managers need to ensure that drivers, cargo, and vehicles are safe. The Tracker app has an integrated SOS feature. Drivers can instantly send an emergency alert if there are any safety concerns, hazardous conditions, or vehicle breakdowns. Operators can then contact the driver and the local authorities. This helps ensure that drivers remain safe. It also helps prevent cargo and vehicle thefts.

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Start using our Tracker app today with your GpsGate Server.

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