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Trip and Idle report with Ignition
2014-10-21 10:38 by juanjo

Adding Ignition values to the Trip and Idle report.

2014-10-20 15:39 by Sebastian

We are introducing a new feature that provides server statistics including trending. This initial version includes statistics on device usage per vehicle tracker application. Additionally we now support Application Tag used for grouping applications.

Variables in Vehicle List
2014-10-16 14:30 by juanjo

Variables in Vehicle List allows you to easily add columns with latest variable values to the VehicleTracker vehicle list.

GpsGate Server tracks with integrity
2014-10-15 13:00 by Sven

In many countries there are rules for how GPS-tracking can be used in a business. GpsGate Server can help you to comply to those rules and protect the integrity of the users.

Mobile Dispatch
2014-10-14 07:06 by Henrik

With Mobile Dispatch you can handle your own jobs in a web browser on any smartphone or tablet. Mobile Dispatch is an extension to the Dispatch plugin. The Dispatch plugin is used to dispatch jobs to mobile workers from the VehicleTracker web interface.

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Trip View Feature
2014-09-18 13:22 by juanjo

Trip View feature, offers a practical and visual way to observe individual tracks in the map.

Garmin support for Wireless Links
2014-09-17 08:50 by Henrik

Garmin FMI protocol is now supported on Wireless Links Piccolo Plus and GpsGate Server

Web Service Scripts
2014-09-01 12:10 by Gabor

Web Service Scripts provide a flexible solution to create and publish customized Web Services using Javascript.

Garmin Device Configuration
2014-08-12 16:00 by Henrik

Configuration support for Garmin fleet 590 and other Garmin FMI PNDs has been added to GpsGate Server. Garmin devices can now be configured from the server and device functions like “Harsh driving”, “Speeding” and “Estimated time of arrival” can be used in VehicleTracker applications.

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GpsGate Tracker for Android
2014-08-12 08:42 by Andrew

GpsGate Server has now added ‘Android’ as a supported device! This is a new feature and has been designed to be used with our new GpsGate Tracker app. You can install this app from the Google Play store on Android devices that have GPS and telephony hardware. The app supports our new device Quick Registration service that allows it to be automatically configured to connect to your GpsGate Server.

Cell ID - Cell towers locations
2014-08-08 08:42 by Greg

CellID allows to resolve a Cell Tower location by its MCC (Mobile Country Code), MNC (Mobile Network Code), LAC (Local Area Code) and CellID. This plugin can be used to track vehicles or objects that do not have a GPS signal but have a cellular signal such as in buildings, garages, or any other areas with weak or no GPS signal.

Dispatch plugin redesigned!
2014-07-04 13:59 by Henrik

The Dispatch plugin has been updated with new functionality, better workflow and performance. It supports the Garmin fleet 590 and other Garmin FMI PNDs in combination with Atrack, Queclink, Systech and Teltonika tracking devices.

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Camera support for ATrack
2014-07-04 08:02 by Henrik

Camera functionality is now supported on ATrack devices and GpsGate Server

Click Scripts: Geofence
2014-06-26 15:52 by Josip

We are now extending the scripting capabilities beyond the messages and events originating from a device. Click Scripts for geofences enable you to trigger custom http requests whenever an operator creates, modifies or removes a geofence.

Track Replay
2014-06-25 13:52 by Greg

The Track Replay plugin allows to playback tracks for vehicles in an application. The playback can include any number of tracks and vehicles.

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Script Notifiers
2014-06-10 11:00 by Kerem

We are introducing a new and a more flexible way to define event notifiers. Now you can use Script Notifiers to create notifiers using JavaScript and GpsGate Scripting API.

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SiteAdmin Privileges
2014-06-05 07:51 by Josip

You can now customize user privileges in SiteAdmin application.

Route Geofence
2014-06-02 06:49 by Greg

In addition to circle and polygon geofences, it is now possible to create Route Geofences.

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Control the cost of your tracking server
2014-05-20 13:19 by Sven

Running a tracking server can include hidden costs that destroy your business.

Garmin FMI support for ATrack
2014-05-19 08:59 by Henrik

Garmin FMI protocol is now supported on ATrack devices and GpsGate Server


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