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Add temperature values to Breadcrumb report
2015-01-28 13:07 by juanjo

BreadCrumb Report gives you time and address for each position the tracker has reported to the server. This guide explains how any mapped device signal can be added to this report. We will use Temperature as an example.

Speed alert with icon in the vehicle panel
2015-01-27 09:53 by juanjo

This guide will show how to create a customized vehicle panel with Speed alert displaying an icon and the current over speeding value

Chat plugin
2015-01-23 15:27 by Juan

Chat plugin

Tracking solution for Food transportation companies
2015-01-15 13:28 by juanjo

The transportation of Foods and ingredients are shipped frozen, refrigerated or at ambient temperatures that must be monitored at all times. Foods and ingredients are susceptible to abuse or contamination during transportation and storage. The end customers are also expecting the delivery at a specific time. Regular customers for food companies often require historical information about shipment arrivals, the time to load and to get to the destination. With GpsGate Server you can monitor all these events with a powerful solution. You will be able to know at all times the temperature of your merchandise, if there was an attempt of breaking or tampering. You can also optimize merchandise delivery and vehicles deployment as well as keeping a good maintenance schedule of your vehicles to lower your company’s operating costs. All these solutions will increase your customer’s satisfaction, save your company from incidents, time and money.

Tracking and dispatch solution for Utility Companies
2015-01-09 10:27 by Sven

GpsGate Server is helping many service companies and Utility organizations to dispatch their vehicles in an optimal way using Real Time Tracking and Job Dispatch modules. Customers report cost savings and increased service levels for selecting the most appropriate vehicle for service and repair assignments. You can have a good balance between your fleet usage and efficiency by having control of your vehicle’s idle time and have knowledge of your driver’s behaviour.

Tracking solution for Transportation companies
2015-01-05 10:37 by Sven

With GpsGate Server you can monitor your fleet with powerful Real Time Tracking. This will allow you to optimise the deployment, usage and maintenance strategies of your vehicles and lower your company’s operating costs. Technologies like Trip and Idle Eco Driving and Fuel Reports let you make the most of your fleet resources and optimize your drivers’ behaviour. This will increase your customer’s satisfaction and save time and money. You can also improve security on your vehicles and drivers using configurable automatic alarms that can be displayed on screen and sent via SMS and/or email.

Status of Scheduled Reports
2014-12-19 08:59 by Greg

A summary of all scheduled reports in now available under the Reporting panel in SiteAdmin. The summary includes a list of sent, scheduled, and failed reports. Furthermore, it allows to resend failed reports.

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GpsGate Server learning survey
2014-12-09 16:10 by Henrik

We are currently looking at ways to improve the process of learning GpsGate Server.

Unbranded Android Tracker for GpsGate
2014-12-04 16:10 by Andrew

GpsGate Partners who use our Branding plugin white-label functionality now have access to a version of our Android Tracking app which does not display any GpsGate branding!

GpsGate Android Tracker Quick Registration update
2014-11-12 11:35 by Andrew

With the latest release of the Android device types in GpsGate Server and the release of version 1.0.69 and above of GpsGate Tracker Android app it is now possible to use Android devices that do not contain telephony capabilities. You can now use any Android device with a data connection and a GPS tracker to connect to GpsGate Server quickly and easily. Just pick our ”Android WiFi Only” device type to get started.

We have also added a range of options to be able to connect your Android devices in the way you feel most comfortable while also improving the experience of our new Quick Registration feature to guide device users even if they have not installed the GpsGate Tracker Android app yet. These options are available to all Android devices, not just the new Android WiFi Only device type.

Mobile Plugin
2014-11-11 11:43 by Andrew

Our new Mobile plugin is now released bringing with it a modern, map-centric, full fleet view user interface and a host of other updates. The new map view is designed to take advantage of all the available screen space of your smartphone or tablet and supports mobile plugins such as Mobile Dispatch.

Enable Paypal payment for your customers
2014-11-07 14:00 by juanjo

This guide will show you how to use the Payment plugin along with Paypal to help you and your customers to ease the payment process.

Join the GpsGate webinar for Tracking Partners
2014-11-07 07:38 by Sven

Keeping your customers over time is key for a successful tracking business.

GpsGate Server helps you support your customers growing demands and stay competitive in the future. We are constantly adding new functionality to the platform to bring value to you and your customers. In this webinar we will show you new tools to identify customers that need your special attention.

Linked Events in a Maintenance Schedule
2014-11-06 07:38 by Greg

It is now possible to combine different, but related, events within a maintenance schedule. Logging one maintenance event will automatically reset the counters on the whole schedule. It can be used to schedule a vehicle maintenance that is dependent on time and distance.

Create views and workspaces using roles for a group of users
2014-10-31 12:39 by juanjo

This guide will show you how to create different Views and Workspaces for different groups of users in the same application.

User Notes
2014-10-23 13:07 by Greg

Notes can be placed on any user or vehicle. They can be used to inform a technician that a device or vehicle needs maintenance or as a messaging tool between operators.

Trip and Idle report with Ignition
2014-10-21 10:37 by juanjo

Adding Ignition values to the Trip and Idle report.

Guides, Reporting
2014-10-20 15:39 by Sebastian

We are introducing a new feature that provides server statistics including trending. This initial version includes statistics on device usage per vehicle tracker application. Additionally we now support Application Tag used for grouping applications.

Variables in Vehicle List
2014-10-16 14:30 by juanjo

Variables in Vehicle List allows you to easily add columns with latest variable values to the VehicleTracker vehicle list.

GpsGate Server tracks with integrity
2014-10-15 13:00 by Sven

In many countries there are rules for how GPS-tracking can be used in a business. GpsGate Server can help you to comply to those rules and protect the integrity of the users.


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