Apps and Auto Completion of Jobs

In GpsGate you can create jobs for drivers. With Apps you can write a script to complete dispatched jobs automatically when the driver has reached the place.

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Script Expressions
Mobile Dispatch

Sample App with Click Script

In this example, we want to auto complete dispatched jobs when the worker gets to the job destination.

This is accomplished with the combination of an App with a Click Script that completes a job and an Event Rule called “AutomaticCompletionEventRule” that is triggered when the worker reaches the destination for an active job ( A sample Event Rule is included below).

Create an App called “AutomaticCompletionApp” and assign it the _Administrator role.
Add a Click Script named “AutomaticCompletionScript”. Choose Notifier kind, and specify the Event Rule that triggers this script, e.g. “AutomaticCompletionEventRule”.

Click Edit and add this script:


Save the script and we’re done - Whenever your Event Rule is triggered, the script will complete the closest active job.

Sample Event Rule

Here’s a sample of the Event Rule “AutomaticCompletionEventRule”, that will trigger when the worker is within 100 m from the job destination:


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