Customize your GpsGate Server

GpsGate allows you to personalize your platform in many ways. This will be useful to satisfy your customers' needs and improve your company's image. You can use your own company's logo, modify the vehicle tracker's interface and many other options.

Languages and Localization

GpsGate Server currently supports more than 20 languages.

Each user of your application can choose its own language.

You can change the translation of any element in the Vehicle Tracker as well as localize your reports with the Localization Editor


With the Branding plugin you can hide GpsGate brand and upload your own logo to make it visible for all your customers.

How to choose between different maps and geocoders

In GpsGate Server you can choose multiple map providers and different geocoding solutions. All supported maps and geocoders are listed here:

Vehicle Tracker application customization

You will be able to customize your Vehicle Tracker application in many ways:

Use your own Icons

You can import your own icons and use them in your Vehicle Tracker Application.

Reports customization

You can customize your reports in many ways: from the layout to their contents or by adding your own logo.


The new multimonitor plugin allows you to show multiple instances of a map on a different screen.

Public GPS tracking on your homepage

You can share your VehicleTracker views in your webpage by using the plugin Publish.

For developers (advanced)

More advanced types of customization that can be done to the GpsGate Server.

The following links are meant for developers or advance technical users:

  1. Browser integration: Login to GpsGate Server from another site.
  2. SOAP APIs integration: Server side integration.
  3. How to build your own web repository: Build your own repository for your own plugins.
  4. Display Platform Kit: Customize the VehicleTracker application.

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