Customizing the vehicle list

The vehicle list in VehicleTracker can be customized to show additional columns with event information

The vehicle list in GpsGate VehicleTracker is one of the natural focal points for real time tracking. This guide shows you how to add columns with custom information to the vehicle list and remove columns you don’t need.

In this example I want an alert when vehicles are idling (standing still with the engine on) for more than five minutes. I want to show a red icon and the time a vehicle has been idle. This is to enforce an environmental policy against excessive idling.


GpsGate Server uses Event Rules to detect situations and define actions, so the first step is to create an Event Rule with an Icon and Text notifier that can be shown in the vehicle list. You can also add notifiers to an existing Event Rule.

Event Rule Wizard

Event Rules are created with the Event Rule Wizard. I give the rule a descriptive name for simplified management and I select the trucks I want the rule to apply to. To detect idle vehicles I select two expressions that both have to be true at the same time:

a) the vehicle is not moving
b) the ignition is on

I delay the rule for 5 minutes to set my time limit for “excessive idling” as shown below.

Event Rule

The default behaviour of an event rule is to store results in the database for reporting purposes. In this case I also add an Icon notifier for the red icon and a Text notifier for the idle time. This is where I set the column names “Idle” and “Idle time”. The picture below shows the configuration.


Vehicle List Setup

The second step is to configure the vehicle list. Click on the icon in the top right corner of the vehicle list to bring up the column selector. Check the “Idle” and “Idle time” to add the new columns and uncheck any columns you want to hide.


Saving the layout

You should now save the new layout with the additional columns as a workspace if you want it to be easily accessible. Select the menu “Workspace / Save as” to save your workspace.


Now when a truck is idling for more than five minutes a red icon and an idle time indicator is shown in the vehicle list


Additional thoughts

You can add Icon and Text notifiers for any Event Rules you want to visualize in the vehicle list.

In this example you could also add notifiers to send emails or SMS when vehicles are idling.

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