GpsGate Server email and SMS alerts

Getting email and SMS alerts out of GpsGate Server is a simple configuration task, check out this example!

The concept of configurable alerts is known as Event Rules in GpsGate Server, and these rules can be configured to work with any incoming data!

This example shows you how to setup GpsGate Server to alert you when tracked construction equipment moves outside a construction site. Naturally you can also configure alerts in the same way for SOS alarms, speeding, temperature changes, vehicles not moving when expected, and so on. The possibilities are quite open, not to say endless.


First I draw geofences for my two construction sites, “Odenplan” and “City Tower”. I group them into a Geofence Tag called “Construction Sites”. The grouping allows me to add more construction sites later without changing anything else in my configuration. The setup is shown in the picture below.


Then I create an Event Rule using the Event Rule Wizard. I select the construction equipment I want the Event Rule to apply to, and if I want to activate the rule only on weekends or after work hours I can set a schedule. This way I can easily create different rules for different requirements. Then I add my geofence “Construction Sites” and alert when objects are “Outside”, as shown below.

geofence rule

Note: You can select another expression if you want to check something else, like temperature alerts or idling vehicles.

The default behaviour of an event rule is to store results in the database for reporting purposes. But as equipment theft is serious and costly I want to add both email and SMS alerts when equipment leaves a construction site. I can add multiple notification methods for one rule in the Wizard, so I select email recipients and create an email message from the templates. Then I do the same for SMS. The pictures below show the variables I have used in my messages.

email configuration

Email config

SMS configuration

sms config

Note: You can also create alerts over TCP/IP sockets or http web services if you want to alert an external system.


When “Bulldozer 2” leaves construction site “City Tower” the user interface shows an alarm and all the selected recipients get the following messages:

map alert

email alert

Email alert

SMS alert

SMS alert

The http-link in the SMS message allows you to login directly from your mobile phone so that you can track your Bulldozer in real time for quick retrieval.

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