GpsGate Server tracks with integrity

In many countries there are rules for how GPS-tracking can be used in a business. GpsGate Server can help you to comply to those rules and protect the integrity of the users.

”We are pleased that we can offer a tracking solution that can take care of the integrity aspects of tracking. GpsGate Server is providing us with the needed functions to comply with the regulations for tracking in the Nordic region.” - Iain Baid CEO Mobione AB, Sweden

As long as the purpose of vehicle tracking is well defined it is normally OK for a company to introduce a GPS based tracking solution.

Common reasons for a company to introduce a vehicle tracking solution are:

  • To improve logistics and make effective use of assets and fleets
  • To improve the security for the drivers
  • To create statistics about the fleet usage
  • To manage complaints and improve customer service

When you introduce a tracking solution you should define why you do it and inform the staff about why you do it. When the Tracking solution is in place the company can do many things to protect the integrity of the staff.

GpsGate Server has many functions that help organizations to protect the data and the integrity of the staff.
Here are some examples:


Clean up Data

Data in GpsGate Server can be stored as long as it is needed. When the data is not needed anymore it can automatically be deleted. We call this function ”Clean Up”. You can read more about Clean Up here

User access control

To make sure that only authorized personnel has access to the tracking data GpsGate Server has a framework in place to manage user access. Each user can have an individual login with well defined user rights. You can read more about roles and features here

Possibility to audit the system

If you need to know who has accessed data or deleted data in the system you can do so by using what we call ”User Actions”. GpsGate Server can log actions in the system such as: If data or a users is deleted or if a an alarm is closed, etc. You can read more about user actions here

Stop tracking after office hours

If you only want to track your fleet during office hours you can remove all data off working hours. This is good if your staff are using their private vehicles and you only need tracking data during office hours. You can read more about TrackingSchedule here

Run the tracking server on site behind the firewall

Companies that have sensitive data or have invested in IT-infrastructure might want incorprate their tracking server in this secure environment. GpsGate Server can be installed on site on a server behind the customers firewall. GpsGate Server can operate with SSL encryption (https) to improve the security of the data.

Read more about how to download GpsGate Server and install it on site here

How to activate
  1. Download GpsGate Server (5 users free of charge)
  2. Get suitable tracking device
  3. Install tracker with SIM
  4. Implement your policies for integrity in your GpsGate Server

If you want to try GpsGate Server, get a Starter Pack with a 30 day free trial.

If you have questions or want to get in contact with a local GpsGate partner please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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