GpsGate Tracker for iOS

The official GpsGate Tracker application is now available for iOS as well. You can download it from the Apple AppStore on iOS devices that have built-in GPS hardware. The app supports the Quick Registration service that allows it to be automatically configured to connect to your GpsGate Server.

  1. Log in to SiteAdmin.
  2. Go to the Plugins tab.
  3. Set the Repository URL to:
  4. Under My Plugins tab, make sure the Patch.v4 is up to date.
  5. Install iOSTracker plugin.
Registering a new user

iOS device type

Register a new user with the device type iOS and leave the field ‘Tracker App ID’ blank to let the server generate an identifier for your iOS Tracker application.

iOS QR code

After you’ve created a new user on the server you can easily configure the app using the Quick Registration QR code shown above. Scan the code with the app and you are good to go or send the registration link via email and follow the setup instructions on the website.

You can, as well, download the app directly from the Apple AppStore by clicking here.

Getting started

Main screen

Main screen

  • GPS accuracy: Shows if the current GPS accuracy is suitable for tracking
  • Server connection: Shows the current server connection status
  • GPS tracking switch: Turn on or off GPS tracking
  • Server connection switch: Turn on or off server connection

If you turn on GPS tracking the app will run in the background and collect your position data for you. You can choose to leave server connection on all the time for real-time reporting or turn it on only when you have internet connection for example when you are abroad.

Settings screen

Settings screen

  • Protocol: Select the appropriate server protocol
  • Host / IP: Type the hostname or IP address of the server you’re going to use
  • Port: Type the port (default port for HTTP is 80, 443 for HTTPS)
  • IIS name: It is only necessary for self-hosted servers
  • Identifier: This is the client’s identifier; generate one on the server


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Download free GpsGate Server

Install it on your own server. The installation is free for 5 users.

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