Using Roles and Features

With the release of GpsGate Server 3.0 we have simplified the User concept. Previously we had three different user types, Administrator, Operator and Vehicle. Now there is only one user type called User. To give a user different rights we have introduced Roles and Features. A Role has access to a set of Features in an application. Multiple Roles can be applied to any User in your application.

In this blog I will show how to select Features for your applications. How to create Roles for Users and apply Features, Views and Workspaces to them. I will also try to briefly explain the ideas behind the new concept.

There’s also a screencast at the bottom of the article.

Add Features to Application

When you create a new application inside Site Admin you have the possibility to decide what features to activate. You find the settings under Privileges and Roles inside Manage application. Select all Features that you would like to include in the Application (Maps, plugins, shared Workspaces and so on).

Add Features to Application

When you login to the application with Administrator privileges you have the possibility to enable/disable Features for different Roles. You can for example create a Role with access to only very basic Features like the Map and Vehicle List and a small set of units. 

Your application has four different Roles by default:

All features and rights are enabled by default.

No access to Administrator type features like Add Users, manage Event rules and Create Views.


Can send information to the server, but lacks the right to log in to the VehicleTracker interface.

Used only as a contact and does not have login privileges.

Create or edit Role

You can alter existing Roles and create new Roles to fit your needs.

Add Role

  1. Go to Features under Admin in the top menu
  2. Click on Create copy to the right of the default Roles. In this example I’m going to create a copy of _Operator
  3. Give your Role a descriptive name
  4. Select the Users that should have your new Role in the left side column. (You can also create the new Role now and assign Users later if you like.)
  5. In the right side column you have the same tree structure as in Site Admin. Select the features that you would like to enable/disable for your new Role. In this case I have disabled the user from editing anything under the Admin menu (Add Users, Event Rules and so on). You can also select Workspaces and Views. I will explain that in detail further down.
  6. Press the Save button.

Add Views

Views are a way to group Users in the Map View. If you have operators with different tasks, like dispatching vehicles in a specific area, you can create a view that only contains the vehicles an operator should be able to see.

  1. Go to Views under Admin in the top menu
  2. Click on Create new View
  3. Name your View. I’ve decided to divide my vehicles into three different geographical areas, Gothenburg, Malmoe and Stockholm. I have named my first View Malmoe
  4. You can choose to only show Users that are sending, connected, offline or never been sen. Select all statuses if you like to see all users
  5. Select to only see Users associated with a certain Tag. In this case I have selected to only see users with the Tag Malmoe


Create view

Add View to a Role

Now when you’ve created a View you can add it to a Role. By doing this you can enforce a User to only see the vehicles he is responsible for. Redo the steps you did when creating a Role but this time just add your new View under Views >  _ReadViews in the Feature tree.  Save the Role as something like Malmoe Dispatcher.


Add Workspace

You can customize the workspace to fit certain needs. You can remove Panels from the interface, re-size Panels and rearrange Panels. You can also hide Panels under Workspace > View in the top menu. De-select the the Panels that you would like to hide. Save the Workspace under Workspace > Save as. Give your Workspace a name and make sure that you have checked the ”Shared” check box. 

Save Workspace

More information about Workspaces can be found here:

Add Workspace to a Role

It is now possible to add your new Workspace to a Role. This is very useful if you like to optimize the work flow for a specific task as for example dispatch.

Go back to Features and edit the Role Malmoe Dispatcher. Select only your new Workspaces under Workspaces > _UseSharedWorkspace in the feature tree. Save your new Role.


In this way you can setup a system with Users with different work areas on the same server instance. They will have access to only the tools they need to operate as effectively as possible.


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