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2012-12-13 08:52 by Markus Guides, News

We are now introducing a way for you to use your own image icons in GpsGate Server, we simply call it Icons.

On how to install, setup and use the Icons plugin please follow this guide.



  1. Install the latest Points of Interest (POI) plugin from the repository.

    Note: To be able to use the Icons you also need the POI plugin.
  2. Enable _EditIconCategory and _UseIconCategory for your application under Enable/Disable features > IconLibrary.

    Note: We have supplied two Icon categories containing basic icons. You can add Use and/or Edit privileges for each Icon Category individually. The same applies to all Icon Categories created by users in the applications. In this way you can share them between applications.
  3. Enable the POI plugin in your application.

How to Manage

  1. Log into your application with Administrator rights.
  2. Open up the Icons window found in the Admin menu. Here you can manage existing Icon Categories and create new Icon Categories. Each Icon Category can contain as many Icons as you want.

    Note: Icons currently support images in PNG, JPG and GIF format.

How to use

  1. Make sure you have _EditLocationCategory privilege to the POI plugin and _UseIconCategory privilege.
  2. Next to the Icon selector in Manage POI categories you now find an option called “other icon”. Click on that option to open up the new Icon Picker.
  3. Select an Icon or choose another Icon Category in the drop down menu at the top.
  4. Click on Use icon to select the displayed icon the selected POI category.
  5. Save your Icon selection.

Additional notes

Right now the Icon feature is available for the POI plugin, but we’ll include this into more and more features in GpsGate Server.

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