Using Application Templates

An application template is a complete application configuration that simplifies application creation. GpsGate Tracking Partners use application templates to quickly create applications for new customers automating configuration and minimizing manual tasks.

A template includes the user interface layout, selected reports, pre-defined user roles and tags, event rules, etc.

GpsGate Server 3.0 includes the following application templates:

  • Basic One - The template to start with. Includes Reports, User Roles, Tags and Event Rules
  • Dispatch - for dispatch applications with job management
  • Real Time - for simple real time tracking applications
  • SOS - for simple alarm applications

Note: New application templates are continuously added as plugins to GpsGate Server and they can be downloaded from the Site Administration application.

This guide shows how to create a new application based on a template and how an application can be customized and saved as a template for new applications.

1. Create an application based on a template

The image below shows the application creation screen.

Follow these steps to create an application with the Real Time template:

  • Login to the Site Administration application
  • Click on the tab Applications and go to the menu Create New
  • Select the VehicleTracker application type and the Real Time template
  • Enter a name and description for your application and click Next to continue
  • Create a new administrator account for the application (or use an existing admin), click Next to continue
  • Select your language settings in the Localization section and click Finish to complete

When you login to your application it looks like this:

As a comparison the image below shows the application if you had used the more complex Dispatch application template:

2. Save an application as a template

You can also create your own application templates. This is very useful if you frequently create new applications with similar configuration.

To illustrate this we will do some changes to the Real tracker application we just created and then save it as a new template.

We will add the Alarm panel to the user interface and create a tag for administrators that should receive email alerts from the system. The image below shows the Workspace menu and the Alarms panel:

Follow these steps to make the changes:

  • Login to the Real time tracking application we just created
  • Go to the menu Workspace / View and click on Alarms to add the alarm panel
  • Go to the menu Workspace / Save As and save your new workspace as Real Time 2. Mark the workspace as Shared to make it available in the template application
  • Go to the menu Admin / Tags and click on Add New to add a new tag
  • Enter the name Email alerts, add a description, select your admin user and click on Save

These changes should now be saved as an application template to simplify application creation. The image below shows the Template section in the Site Administration application.

Follow these steps:

  • Login to the Site Administration application
  • Click on the tab Applications and go to the menu Search and Manage
  • Select the Real time tracker application that we created in step 1
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save As Template

Now your new application template has been saved as Real time tracker (Template).

You can now repeat step 1, and use Real time tracker (Template) as a template for new applications. You will have the new workspace Real Time 2 and the tag Email Alerts pre configured in the applications you create.

Note: you can rename an application template from the Search and Manage menu in Site Admin

Additional information

You can also update application templates and copy the changes to selected applications. This way you can manage a large number of applications with minimal effort.

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