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We are actively helping companies around the world to build GPS tracking businesses with GpsGate solutions.

We can provide you with a first class GPS tracking platform, technical support, sales material and other tools required for success. As a partner you offer re-branded GPS tracking solutions to end customers in your region. Your value add is to offer device installation services, local support and manage customer relationships.

Why GPS tracking?

The GPS tracking market is growing rapidly as companies and end users see increased value in tracking vehicles and assets. The main benefits are lowered costs, increased productivity and theft prevention and recovery of stolen assets.

There is an increasing demand for companies that offer GPS tracking services and the market is still young and many more areas for tracking are to be discovered.

GpsGate Server Platform

The GpsGate Server platform is well suited for tracking partners that need to manage multiple customers with varying requirements. One GpsGate Server can serve an unlimited number of customers separated from each other.

You can re-brand a GpsGate Server installation with your own corporate identity and localize it in your language. Your customers can login to the application from your home page, where you can communicate your other offerings.

You can meet different customer requirements and grow your offerings into new business areas with GpsGate Server. The platform supports over one hundred of the most well known tracking devices, making it easy for you to add new customers and help customers to migrate form other systems. GpsGate Server supports multiple maps, giving you the option to select the map best suited for your customers needs and budget.

Real time tracking

Vehicle locations are available in real time in a web interface or on a smartphone. This enables operators to faster locate and dispatch emergency vehicles, directly find the most suitable vehicle for a delivery and better answer customer inquiries. Real time tracking can also be activated on demand, for example if a vehicle is stolen, or a person with a tracking device goes missing.

Alert handling

When a tracked object behaves unexpectedly an alarm is sent to the appropriate recipient. This prevents vehicles from moving outside office hours, stops unnecessary idling, stops heavy equipment to leave construction sites and detects SOS situations. Incoming alerts often activate real time tracking for the object to facilitate actions on the alert.


Reports of fleet usage on a weekly or monthly basis are used to improve fleet efficiency, lower fuel cost, promote eco driving and validate driver behavior. Customers use reporting to provide management with daily of weekly summaries of vehicle usage.

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Getting Started

The best way to get started is to get a tracking device online on a GpsGate Server for a real test. Install your own GpsGate Server or sign up for a free hosted trial with a GpsGate Starter Pack.

You can install the software on your own server hardware or have it hosted by us as a service. The model you choose depends on your technical skills and how you want to manage your solution. GpsGate Starter Pack is available for both options and testing is free of charge to you.

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GpsGate Server supports many popular tracking devices for different needs. The device choice depends on what you are going to track and what devices you have access to in your region.

Vehicle tracking devices require mounting and they can be connected to vehicle signals for additional functionality such as ignition switches, door contacts and fuel level sensors. Personal trackers, smartphone clients and laptop clients are easier to install, but lack some of the more complex functions.

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Partner pricing

Partner pricing is available for GpsGate products to help you succeed with your business. We are looking forward to working with you, so please contact us for further discussions here!

More information

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