Pricing GpsGate Server

Hosted Service Or On-site Installation?

GpsGate Server as a hosted service

Get the tracking platform as an all inclusive service hosted by GpsGate.

The hosted service covers everything to make sure your tracking platform works as smoothly as possible.

The service is charged as a monthly subscription fee per tracked asset.

Install your own GpsGate Server

Download the GpsGate Server software for an on-site installation.

This option is suitable if you want to have your tracking server behind your firewall and you have the IT skills to run it.

The on-site server installation requires one license per tracked asset. The license is perpetual.

Hosted Vs. On-site

The table below describes the difference between a hosted GpsGate Server and an on-site GpsGate Server installation.

Feature Hosted Service On-site Installation
Supports Any Language
Supports Over 300 Different Tracking Devices
Company Branding
Server API Access
HTTPS Access
Software Updates and Support Included first 12 months (optional after that)
Google Maps License Requires additional purchase
Trial Options 30 day free trial period Free to use for 5 devices (without time limit)
Pricing Model Monthly subscription fee One-time license fee
Server Hardware
Software Installation
System Management
Data Backup
SMS Service
Installation Inside Company Firewall
Hosted pricing On-site pricing

Download free GpsGate Server

Install it on your own server. The installation is free for 5 users.

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