GpsGate Client Licenses

GpsGate Standard

Includes all GpsGate Client features, like sharing a GPS between any number of applications, simulation, logging, sharing the GPS over networks and Internet, GpsGate Server access and much more. See table below for details.

GpsGate Express

With GpsGate Client Express you can connect two GPS applications to one GPS and send data to a GpsGate Server. See table below for details.

The table below compares the features included in GpsGate Standard and Express licenses

Feature GpsGate Standard GpsGate Express
Any number of applications connected to GPS via GpsGate Direct Yes Yes
Number of application connected to GPS via Virtual COM Ports Any number 2
Javascript access - GPS in Browser Yes Yes
Garmin USB GPS Yes Yes
Garmin Serial GPS Yes Yes
Bluetooth GPS Yes Yes
nRoute (Garmin protocol output) Yes Yes
Connect to Google Earth Yes Yes
Send data to GpsGate Server Yes Yes
Log and replay GPS data Yes No
Simulate a GPS Yes No
Redirect GPS data to physical COM port Yes No
Share GPS over TCP/IP, UDP or HTTP Yes No
Virtual port as input Yes No
NMEA Mux (multiple inputs) Yes No
Sharing over Bluetooth Yes No
Sharing over ActiveSync Yes No
Run as a service (NT/2k/XP) Yes No
Multiple instances Yes No

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