GpsGate develops software for real time GPS tracking. GpsGate Server is a web based GPS tracking platform that is configurable for a vast range of different tracking requirements. GpsGate Client can be used as a tracking client and it is also widely used for sharing a GPS for multiple applications on one computer.

GpsGate Server Products

GpsGate Server Starter Pack

GpsGate Server Starter Pack is an easy way to get started with GPS tracking. The Starter Pack includes GpsGate Server software for up to five users.

GpsGate Server

GpsGate Server is a web based platform for Real time GPS tracking, alert management and reporting. The platform scales from small installations to large enterprises with thousands of vehicles and operators.
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Google Maps from GpsGate

GpsGate offers Google Maps services with a small initial investment

GpsGate Client

GpsGate Client for Windows

Run many GPS applications using one GPS, share over networks, log data, simulator, connect to GpsGate Server and much more. Very stable. Proven to work for the single user up to large enterprise deployments.

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GpsGate Server

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