Advanced fleet management

Scalable. Customizable. Do-it-all-able.

GpsGate is an extensible platform that lets you do it all. No matter how complex your customers’ needs, you can solve them.

Best-in-class platform built for tracking businesses

We built a tracking platform to power fleet management companies and system integrators. It’s flexible, extensible, and showcases your company branding to keep you top of mind with your customers.

  • Hardware agnostic
    We support all major tracker manufacturers so you can use your existing devices or choose from the newest models
  • Cloud or On-site
    Secure and scalable cloud hosting and platform maintenance or the option to host behind the security of your firewall
  • Customizable
    Select which features to enable for each application and each user, plus build custom workspaces

The power of real-time data

  • 360° fleet view
    Know what's going on with the full fleet at a glance
  • Individual vehicle status
    Drill down to the vehicle level for more details
  • Event rules
    Easy to set up event rules for real-time compliance checks
  • Customizable data display
    Showcase the most critical data for each user
  • Multiple workspaces
    Customize the layout for each job function
  • Fleet intelligence on the go
    Access to fleet data from anywhere with a mobile Fleet app

Better decisions through better data

GpsGate's powerful report generator helps fleet managers run smarter operations. You can create overview reports, analyze trends, and get detailed single-vehicle reports.

  • Historical data
    Find trends and problem areas by analyzing the fleet over time
  • One-click reports
    Save setup time by using our suite of standard reports
  • Custom reports
    Display data exactly the way your customers need it
  • Scheduled delivery
    Automated reporting so that each employee has the right data for the job

Automated and streamlined operations

Using geofences and event rules, you can automate almost any operation. Trigger notifications and reports based on vehicle and driver behavior.

  • Keep drivers and cargo safe
    Trigger alerts for driver SOS or route deviations
  • Maintain fleet efficiency
    Automate warnings for speeding and excessive idling
  • Auto-update vehicle status
    Mark vehicles as on site with customers or en route

Unmatched fleet data security

GpsGate's high security standards and the ability to fine-tune security settings at the account level keeps your data - and your customers' data - protected.

  • 2FA
    Two-factor authentication security to keep accounts safe
  • Strong password options
    Configure password requirements for users for system security
  • Roles and permissions
    User-level data control so users can only access what they need
  • System history
    Logs with access history by user

Features & functionality

Customer relationships matter the most. We let you focus on providing stellar services to your customers while we handle the software development. GpsGate offers all of the core features your customers need.


Monitor and improve driver behavior and fleet efficiency through reporting and driver scorecards.

Event rules

Create business rules in the platform that trigger activities and drive automations.


Area or route geofences monitor driver behavior, customer visits, and deliveries while keeping vehicles safe.

Temperature monitoring

Handle cold chain logistics with the GpsGate and the hardware you choose for an unbroken delivery chain.

Universal map support

Use our built-in native map, Google Maps, ESRI ArcGIS maps, or other custom maps.


Track preventive maintenance for vehicles with service schedules and step-by-step checklists for technicians.


Save on resources and improve fleet KPIs with widgets that target driver behavior.

Extend the platform to create your own power tools

GpsGate offers an infinitely extensible platform. Our REST API framework lets you integrate with other business systems so customers have the data they need in the systems where they need it. With scripting, you can create custom automations and additional functionality. You can view live camera feeds within GpsGate, transfer data between systems, automate data updates, and more within the flexible platform.

Thorough documentation

Our developer portal provides all of the resources you need to build on GpsGate

Build with what you know

Use established languages like Javascript and the latest REST API functionality

Built-in code editor

Scripting tools are built-in so that you can code and test solutions in the application

Fleet data where you need it

A suite of apps keep managers informed 24x7 and drivers online and connected. Our Fleet app gives managers access to real-time fleet info and notifications no matter where they are. Our Tracker app lets drivers use smartphones in place of separate GPS tracking devices. Our Maintenance app lets mechanics and technicians log service from the bay in real-time.

Remote fleet management

Whether in the break room or out in the field, the Fleet app lets managers operate their fleets from anywhere.

  • Map overview + detailed view
    Full fleet view plus zoom to or search for a vehicle
  • Event and trip history
    View individual vehicle tracks and events
  • Alerts
    Stay updated on important events via app notifications
  • Share location
    Temporarily share a vehicle's location via a secure link

Always-on support

Our support portal is open 24/7/365 so you can get answers right away. Tons of articles, a responsive team, and support in English, Spanish, and Swedish.

  • Comprehensive product documentation
    Guides to help you customize the system, learn best practices, and optimize the platform
  • 1:1 guidance and training
    Our expert support team is ready to help you troubleshoot and solve your toughest customer problems with GpsGate

Ready to try GpsGate?

Flexibility makes our software the most advanced for fleet tracking. You can create a custom tracking solution for any type of fleet customer you have.

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