Our mission

Sustainable transport

GpsGate's mission is making fleets greener, safer, and more productive.

Animated fleet tracking on a map
Animated fleet tracking on a map

Future-proofing the transport sector

The transport sector is responsible for nearly 40% of CO2 emissions (International Energy Agency). Climate impact, fuel cost increases, and safety concerns have fleet managers across the world working towards more sustainable operations. At GpsGate, we are part of the solution.

GpsGate gives fleets the data they need to become greener, safer, and more productive. Our global partner network uses GpsGate to improve fleet operations across industries. Fleet managers use our flexible and extensible platform to help meet their sustainability goals.


Lower environmental impact through eco-driving and well-maintained fleets


Driver monitoring, theft prevention, and safer driving behavior

More productive

Efficient fleets do more with the same number of vehicles

Partner with us to help fleets go green

Our tracking partners around the globe use GpsGate to power their businesses. Become a GpsGate partner to join the fight for better transport.

transport truck on a winding mountain road
transport truck on a winding mountain road

Greener, longer lives for fleet vehicles

What is a green fleet? A green fleet is one taking steps to lower its environmental impact and climate footprint. There is no magic number to hit - GpsGate supports fleets in all steps of the journey to sustainable operations.

A greener fleet can be achieved with existing vehicles. GpsGate provides the data, solutions, and reporting that fleets need to improve.

GpsGate helps fleet managers reduce aggressive driving, idling, and other bad behaviors that shorten a vehicle's life - and increase pollution.

Lower fuel usage and reduced emissions come with proper maintenance. With GpsGate, fleet managers keep their fleets in running shape.

Driver looking out the door of a truck delivering mail
Driver looking out the door of a truck delivering mail

Keeping drivers safe and cargo protected

With GpsGate, you know where your vehicles are and what they are doing. Drivers, vehicles, and cargo remain secure.

Unsafe driving like harsh braking, sudden acceleration, and sharp turns can be tracked and improved. This reduces accidents, keeping drivers, pedestrians, and others on the road safe.

Fleet safety also includes prevention of unauthorized vehicle use, cargo theft, and vehicle hijacking. GpsGate lets you automate security, identify potential issues, and track vehicles in real-time.

Busy city street with many taxis
Busy city street with many taxis

Do more with the same resources

Inefficient routes, extra mileage, and underutilized vehicles all reduce a fleet's productivity. Better planning and reporting increase productivity per vehicle. GpsGate helps you do more with the same number of vehicles. By maintaining a proper maintenance schedule, vehicles stay in road-worthy condition and fleet managers can maximize capacity.

Close-up of a charging port of an electric vehicle
Close-up of a charging port of an electric vehicle

Transitioning to an e-fleet

As fleets move to electric vehicles and more sustainable operations, fleet managers can identify the least efficient vehicles to replace with EVs.

Fleet managers can decrease vehicle idling and other gas-guzzling and pollution-emitting actions in traditional vehicles. Driver behavior can be improved to reduce a fleet's environmental impact and lower costs.

GpsGate tools

  • Eco-driving reporting
  • Maintenance
  • Driver behavior tracking
  • Engine idling reporting
  • Geofences
  • Security automation
  • Real-time notifications
  • Track replay
  • Camera and video integration
  • Driver ID and SOS
  • Towing alerts
  • Integration to other systems

Join us in the mission for greener fleets

GpsGate is making fleets greener, safer, and more productive through our global partner network. Ready to see how you can help fleets become more sustainable?

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