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ISO 27001 certification for secure fleet data

GpsGate just renewed our annual ISO 27001 certification for information security management. Why's that important? Data security is crucial for your fleet customers. Read on to find out the top reasons why your fleet tracking platform provider should be ISO certified.

Tips to prevent dangerous driving in your fleet

As a fleet manager, you need to protect your drivers and take care of your assets. But with the complexities of fleet logistics, this is easier said than done. Commercial accidents are bound to happen but with vehicle telematics and a solid fleet management platform, you’ll have the data you need to curb dangerous driving and put your team’s productivity in focus.

GpsGate celebrates women who code

It’s common knowledge that tech is a male-dominated industry. Although women make up 51% of the population, they only hold about 14% of STEM jobs in general. In support of more representation in the tech industry, GpsGate celebrates women who play key roles in our software development.

Customer story: Conneqtech's IoT solution for aerial lifts

Fleets come in all shapes and sizes. Conneqtech’s customers monitor everything within electric bikes, mobility, and care industries. Using GpsGate’s customizable fleet tracking software, Conneqtech develops the perfect solution for each use case.

February sales training combines workshopping with teambuilding

At GpsGate, we like to mix hard work with play. For our sales team, that takes the form of training and team building. Our sales managers along with technical support gather to cover themes that help them work better as a group and with our fleet tracking partners.

Fleet management for snow removal fleets

For many municipal governments, wintertime equals snow removal. The Minnesota Department of Transportation in the US employs 800 snowplows to cover 30,000 lane miles of roadway throughout the state. Not only is this an expensive endeavor, but winter maintenance must also be done safely and efficiently. Fleet managers are responsible for optimizing plow routes, measuring de-icing material, and tracking fuel use and driving hours. But how can fleet management with GpsGate make that job easier? Let’s take a closer look.

Fleet management essentials for police fleets

In order to keep communities safe, police fleets work to streamline their operations. Driver and civilian safety, vehicle upkeep, data security, and fuel management are just a few areas that challenge municipal fleets. With the use of the latest in vehicle telematics and GPS tracking, officers and emergency dispatchers can collaborate to deliver the service their community depends on - and do so safely.

Eco-driving saves fuel and boosts fleet efficiency

Fuel often accounts for more than 50% of a transport company’s expenses. Factors like harsh driving, excessive idling, poor route planning, and vehicle upkeep can affect that percentage even more. To flag excessive fuel use, transport and logistics companies are turning to eco-driving. Within GpsGate fleet managers can create a custom platform that measures individual driver and fleet behavior. Holistic data means companies have the information they need to avoid high costs and maintain a healthy bottom line.

Real-time tracking and fleet monitoring with GpsGate's software

Fleet management isn't one size fits all. That's why we work closely with fleet telematics providers for real-time vehicle tracking that works across industries. As a developer-founded company, GpsGate focuses on sustainable product development. Flexible, scalable, and extensible are the tenets of our solution. How do we deliver this? Strong partnerships with our tracking customers, IoT partners, and a passion for our mission of creating a world where fleets are greener, safer, and more productive.

GpsGate's top 5 company highlights of 2022

GpsGate has a lot to celebrate from the past year. 2022 was a year of growth across the board at GpsGate. We added several team members, moved our Stockholm headquarters office, upped our security efforts, and provided more customer training than ever before. As a software company with innovation at our core, our goal is to have the best fleet tracking product on the market, with a happy and productive team behind it.

GpsGate Product Highlights 2022

In 2022 we focused on core feature updates and additions. We help administrators save time, give fleet managers the data they need, and let operators work smarter. Data was also a large focus in the past year: increased data security, automation, better fleet data presentation, and reporting. Let's look at some top features from 2022 that help fleets be more efficient.

Extend your fleet’s impact with GpsGate’s December release

Customizing applications is commonplace for GpsGate users. With our December release, we've given you even more tools to set up the perfect GpsGate platform for your customers. An updated UI gives users better fleet oversight in Tracks Replay, easier searching in the main menu, and faster language edits with the Localization Editor.

GpsGate celebrates new Stockholm office and first-ever partner days

A great office environment means our team can produce great work. This fall, GpsGate moved to a new Stockholm location. To celebrate this milestone, we invited our partners, friends, and family to bring our new space to life. At GpsGate Partner Days, our customers had the chance to learn from each other and spend face-to-face time with our team. An action-packed week ended in a GpsGate housewarming party, complete with office tours, great food, and fun.

Improved UX for better vehicle tracking in GpsGate

November's release of GpsGate is full of UX tweaks to get you the data you need. We've added user-friendly views to some of our most popular tools - Tracks and Charts. Watch as the map reacts to follow fleet vehicles on the map in Tracks and see color-coded vehicle variables in Charts. Plus, we've expanded our device listings and added map details that power users will love.

Skyangel security monitoring powered by GpsGate

When cargo transport vehicles cross the US-Mexico border, they become vulnerable to vehicle hijacking. Skyangel uses GpsGate's fleet tracking platform to give customers end-to-end visibility over truck drivers and precious cargo.

Productivity hacks for better fleet management – GpsGate October Release

Our advanced platform is flexible enough to solve thousands of unique business problems. And with fleet managers all over the world working with GpsGate several hours each day, we want our software to be enjoyable to use. This month’s release highlights several shortcuts to boost productivity and help users navigate GpsGate more efficiently.

How to achieve full visibility over cold chain fleets

A single cold chain shipment can be worth millions. And keeping sensitive cargo in prime condition throughout its journey is a tall order. Navigating several transport types and drastic temperature changes is only the beginning. For cold chain experts, the best way to avoid spoiled goods is by monitoring each step of the way with an advanced fleet tracking software.

Customize event notifications for productive fleets

Managing a fleet of 1,000 vehicles should be just as easy as a fleet of 25. With this month’s release of GpsGate, you’ll find notification updates and system administration improvements so your team can remain efficient at all levels.

Updated Area Search + Slack notifications

The summer holiday is nearly over. To welcome you back to the office, our August release brings an updated look to Area Search, brand-new Slack compatibility, and a slew of UI improvements. 

Fleet tracking software - Cloud or On-site?

You’ve made the decision to try GpsGate’s GPS fleet tracking platform. You know that we offer both hosted and on-premises solutions. But which one is right for you? Factors like IT resources, storage, and scalability may be the deciding factors.

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