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Customize your fleet reporting with Excel data

GpsGate reports are now available in Microsoft Excel format. Optimize your fleet operations with the data that works best for your team.

Manage GPS devices from any application with server terminal

GpsGate Server is optimized to power large vehicle fleets. That's why it's important for us to give system administrators the tools they need to put the right data at their fingertips. June's release brings a new and improved server terminal to the application. Users can now monitor vehicle fleets and troubleshoot vehicle devices at the same time.

Customer story: Paxster's Electric Vehicles

Paxster Logistical Solutions is a game changer in the electric vehicle field. Manufacturing delivery fleet vehicles in Norway, their technology is paired with GpsGate Server to help last-mile delivery companies move their production in a more sustainable direction.

Work faster with more tools in Server Admin

This month’s release features big changes to site administrator capabilities. We've moved more Server Administration functions in-app! Users can now manage multiple customer applications with ease inside the application. This new functionality comes with faster-loading pages and less clicks - saving you time and helping you get to your next task faster.

Common fleet challenges in transport & cargo

Commercial fleets have to stay flexible to meet modern challenges. Running an efficient transportation business in the midst of fluctuating fuel costs, fuel and vehicle theft, and cargo security concerns is a tall order. Beyond that, end customers expect fleets to use the best tools for a streamlined and professional end result.

5 ways to increase fleet safety with GpsGate

Driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do. More daring than taking a flight, more likely to cause serious injuries than skydiving... and yet, vehicle fleets are out on the streets 24/7. So, what are the biggest threats to fleet safety and how can you manage them?

April release - Spring clean your GpsGate Server

Has it been awhile since you've updated GpsGate Server? Monthly updates are important to keep your system running smoothly and cleanly. There are lots of benefits of keeping your system up to date - even when a release doesn't include major changes. April's release includes some minor fixes and improvements, so let's discuss the importance of updates.

How to select the best GPS vehicle tracking device

With all the variety in GPS vehicle tracking devices on the market today, how can you possibly choose the best one for your business? GpsGate gives you valuable insight on what to consider when choosing GPS devices to grow your fleet management company.

Optimize fleet operations with Tracks

Tracks gives fleet managers the historical fleet data they need to improve their fleet operations. We've added feature after feature to Tracks in the past few months - and March's release throws in a final tweak. Welcome to Tracks!

GpsGate proudly announces its ISO 27001 certification

Tracking fleet data from thousands of global partners is our game. ISO 27001 accreditation gives us the edge to do it more efficiently and safely than ever before.

Replay tracks for interactive history

Track replay makes your data come alive. With the click of a button, you can watch vehicles tracks on the map at the speed you desire. We've also made it easy to find and click on track points on the map to get more details.

More customer data security: introducing new strong password options.

Daily Summary gets bounding boxes + route geofences

The Daily Summary is changing how fleet managers and operators work with fleet data. We've now added track bounding boxes to the map to make managing large fleets faster and easier. You can also add route geofences directly in the Daily Summary. This month's features increase fleet management efficiency.

Customer story: Wabtec Mining Solutions

Wabtec (NYSE: WAB) is a leading global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions, and value-added services for the transportation industry. With the help of GpsGate software, they are keeping thousands of mining workers safe around the clock.

New data views: Daily Summary + track filters

Tracks data now offers a daily summary view and tracks filters. Fleet managers have the combination of data they need: an overview plus infinite ways to customize the data and drill down to the vehicles and tracks they need.

GpsGate is not affected by Log4j issue

GpsGate customers can rest easy knowing that GpsGate is not affected by the Log4j vulnerability. Read on for more details about how we keep your fleet tracking data safe and secure.

Visualize Tracks data with the new Charts

We've added a new way for fleet operators and managers to view fleet track data: Charts. Some data can be hard to analyze when it's simply numbers on a screen. Charts makes it easier by plotting data on a graph for quick analysis and oversight.

New Tracks features

Tracks and its track point data are crucial to fleet managers and operators in their daily work. We've added lots of new functionality around track points this month to help streamline fleet operations.

Inside GpsGate

Wonder what it's like to work at GpsGate? You're in luck! Learn how we adapted to employees working from home during the pandemic. And take a step inside our Stockholm and Gothenburg offices - we hope to be back there soonl

Customer story: DigiMobi & Hong Kong Airport

Using GpsGate, DigiMobi successfully provides vehicle tracking services to the Hong Kong International Airport. DigiMobi uses customization, ArcGIs maps, integration, indoor/outdoor tracking, and more in their robust solution.

Server administration is moving in-app

Improving GpsGate for server administrators is the focus of September's release. We're relocating server administration settings so that you can change them within any application. We've also made the new Tracks the default for a great end user experience.

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