GpsGate Splitter

The original GPS signal splitter

Send data to multiple applications using a single GPS tracking device with a 14-day free trial

shareShare over networks
data_usageLog data
gps_fixedSimulate GPS
What you can do


  • Share one GPS with several applications using Virtual COM ports
  • GPS simulation and logging
  • Stabilize the GPS connection, in particular to Bluetooth GPS receivers
  • Share a GPS over Bluetooth, ActiveSync, TCP, and UDP networks
  • Developer API for application integration
How you can do it


  • Connect your laptop to GpsGate
  • Send GPS data over HTTP to your own server
  • Use javascript to get GPS position and automatically add GPS data in web forms with GPS in Browser feature
  • Multiplex and split NMEA streams
  • Modem -> UDP data -> GpsGate -> applications on laptops
Which data protocols work

Signal conversions

  • Use Garmin USB GPS receivers with standard GPS applications
  • Use standard GPS receivers with Garmin applications e.g. nRoute
  • Protocol conversion for TAIP, Garmin Aviation, and PinPoint format
Use cases

Industry deployments

GpsGate Splitter is ideal for:

  • enterprise deployments
  • police and fire departments
  • other mobile workers who have in-vehicle laptops

Windows Location API

Need to use Windows Location API as input?

Download the GpsGate Splitter Windows API plugin.

Download Windows API plugin

Purchase Splitter Licenses

1 to 4 licenses: USD $39.95 / EUR €29.95 per license

5 to 24 licenses: USD $34.95 / EUR €25.95 per license

25 to 99 licenses: USD $32.95 / EUR €24.95 per license

100 or more: USD $29.95 / EUR €22.95 per licenses


GpsGate Splitter FAQ

How will I receive my license?

A license key will be delivered to you by email after making the purchase.

What does a license include?

A license grants you the rights to free minor updates and bugfixes during 12 months for GpsGate Splitter.

I need to purchase a large quantity or would like to use a purchase order - what should I do?

Please contact us at

Are taxes included in the price?

Pricing on this page is shown excluding VAT and other taxes. Purchases are done through our financial partner Share-it ( and any applicable taxes are added to the price and shown on the purchase page. Companies inside the EU do not pay VAT if they submit their VAT ID during the ordering process.

Where is the end user license agreement (EULA)?
Where can I get support?

You can find all of the user guides for GpsGate Splitter in our support portal.

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