Supported devices

Choose your own hardware

Use GpsGate with virtually any tracking device you’d like - including smartphones. We partner with all of the leading tracking device manufacturers to ensure pre-built integrations and easy setup. The common signals are ready to map, plus you can add your own custom inputs.

Popular tracking devices

Which device is right for my customers?

Tracking hardware isn't one-size-fits-all: the right tracker depends on the fleet. Many of our tracking partners work with a few different devices to meet their customers’ needs. A few options for common tracking scenarios:

Basic vehicle tracking
Vehicle-mounted devices with basic I/O of status signals
Teltonika FMC920, Jimi IoT (Concox) LL302, Queclink GV55

Advanced vehicle tracking with engine and driving status
Advanced functionality with CAN-bus and accelerometer support
Queclink GV300CAN, Teltonika FMC130, ATrack AK11, Jimi IoT (Concox) VL502, Systech Intellitrac A1

OBD-II connected devices
Devices with dedicated OBD-II plugins for easy installation
Queclink GV500, Teltonika FMB003, Systech CareU, Queclink GV500MAP

Camera control
Devices with support for vehicle camera image upload
Queclink GV300, Meitrack T333, ATrack AK7V

Asset tracking
Waterproof devices with long battery life
Teltonika Asset Tracker Easy, Queclink GL50B, Cellocator CelloTrack Power 8M

Satellite tracking
Trackers that communicate via satellite networks
Teltonika TSM232, ORBCOMM

Laptop tracking
Turn your laptop into a tracking device hub
GpsGate Splitter for Windows

Supplementary devices for more complete fleet tracking data
Teltonika EYE Sensor and EYE Beacon, Queclink accessories, Trak Smart Fuel Cap, Teltonika DualCam


Don’t see your device listed?

We’re constantly adding hardware integrations as new trackers come on the market. If your device isn’t currently supported, please contact us to request an integration.

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