Success Stories 2022-01-07

Customer story: Wabtec Mining Solutions

Wabtec (NYSE: WAB) is a leading global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions, and value-added services for the transportation industry. With the help of GpsGate software, they are keeping thousands of mining workers safe around the clock.

It's hard to comprehend the scale of mining operations. The haul trucks dwarf normal vehicles, standing nearly 8 meters tall and weighing over 635 tons when loaded. They are driving on constantly changing routes in the surface mine. The haul trucks are using the same routes as other heavy mobile equipment plus 'light vehicles' (what most of us would still classify as huge trucks!).

mining truck example

Wabtec is a leading solutions provider and their solution using GpsGate is helping protect mine workers around the clock - in addition to safeguarding millions of dollars worth of equipment. Wabtec tracks all equipment at the mine. They use custom maps and geofences to keep mine routes current. Proximity detection and alerting increase mine safety and help prevent accidents before they happen. GpsGate is integrated in Wabtec's mine controls for both real-time info and powerful fleet analysis.

Learn more about how Wabtec uses GpsGate in their mining solutions.

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