GPS fleet tracking software

Greener, safer, and more productive fleets.

Empowering users to feel in control and make better decisions

Fully custom tracking

Offer advanced fleet management services with GpsGate's scalable and flexible platform. We built a best-in-class solution so you don’t have to.

Provide smart tracking solutions that meet each customer’s unique needs. GpsGate’s platform is device-agnostic and integration ready.

  • Pay as you go
    No upfront costs. Pay for what you use. No long-term commitments.
  • Use any device you want
    Support for 1000s of trackers, a built-in simulator for fast testing.
  • Cloud or On-site
    Choose our secure cloud service or host GpsGate behind your firewall.

Build your business with GpsGate

Customer relationships matter the most. We let you focus on providing stellar services to your customers while we handle the software development. You help your customers improve fleet efficiency, stay safe, and meet regulations - and GpsGate stays in the background ready to help your business with anything you need.

  • Custom solutions
    A flexible and customizable platform so that your customers get what they need, no matter what industry they are in
  • Sales coaching to grow your business
    Our expert sales team is here to support you with training and collaboration to help you close your most important deals
  • Solutions engineers on call
    Tech experts to help you solve any customer challenge
  • Your branding front and center
    Grow your brand equity by having your logo front and center
  • Top standards for data security
    Secure development practices with tools to keep sensitive fleet data safe
  • Unmatchable system uptime
    GpsGate is always online, so you don’t have to worry

See how others are doing it

Our partners are solving real customer problems across the globe with GpsGate. The flexible and extensible platform means bespoke customer solutions.

From keeping forest fire fighters safe in Spain to protecting valuable cargo in Mexico, our partners use custom platform configurations and integrations to give fleets the data they need. They are helping end customers like the Hong Kong International Airport and DHL manage their fleets effectively.

See how companies just like yours use GpsGate's software to help power their businesses.

Tailor-made customer solutions

A modern user interface paired with sophisticated technology means the best experience for your customers - and the best custom fleet solutions.

  • Flexible features
    Add features on a per-customer or per-user basis
  • Customer functionality
    Use scripting to automate actions and extend GpsGate
  • Role-based data access
    User-level permissions to keep customers' data safe.
  • Any map you need
    ESRI, Google Maps, custom imports, we support it all
  • Language support
    Multiple UI languages and the ability to customize terminology
  • Custom branding
    Use your logo or your customers’ on each application

Scale your business

Our software and team supports you as you scale with more customers and larger fleets. We’re here to help you grow your company.

  • Discrete customer applications
    Each customer gets a custom application with their own branding
  • App templates
    Save time by using app templates to customize setup by industry
  • Sales support
    Guidance and assistance for your sales cycle from our experts
  • Unmatched uptime
    Our Cloud solution is maintenance-free and always online
  • Secure data storage
    Process-driven with information management security in mind
  • Automation
    Event rules and APIs to automate routine activities

Data where you need it

GpsGate APIs let you route data and integrate systems so that your customers have fleet data transparency across departments.

  • ERP systems
    Optimize spending and improve forecasts
  • Planning tools
    Full fleet visibility for better routing and fleet utilization
  • Billing software
    Accurate invoices without manual data entry
  • Payroll systems
    Accurate driver paycheck based on driving hours or mileage
  • ESRI and ArcGIS
    Fleet data into mapping software for location analytics and insight
A taxi driving with security features listed
A taxi driving with security features listed

Unmatched data security

We’re leading the industry in data security standards. From secure Cloud hosting to custom roles and privileges, GpsGate keeps you fleet data safe.

  • Custom data access for users
    Control exactly what data each user has access to
  • Secure AWS hosting
    Our Cloud solution runs on one of the most secure hosted platforms
  • Expiring location sharing
    Shared locations automatically expire to keep fleets secure
  • Data access audit trails
    Reporting on logins and data edits to ensure proper employee access
  • Option to host behind your firewall
    Our on-site solution gives you on-premise legal compliance

Ready to try GpsGate?

Flexibility makes our software the most advanced for fleet tracking. You can create a custom tracking solution for any type of fleet customer you have.

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