GPS fleet management platform

GpsGate On-site installer

Track 5 devices for free - always! Start testing immediately with our simulator.

1. Run the installer

Open the downloaded file (GpsGateServer.exe) and follow the instructions.

2. Complete the web setup

The installer will prompt you to open your browser and create your account.

3. Start tracking!

Start immediately with our device simulator or learn more with our getting started guide.

Device Simulator

Faster testing with simulated units

The device simulator lets you easily test GpsGate without any hardware - no tracking device or smartphone necessary. You can generate real-time realistic data for demos, training, and testing. You can generate also an SOS and simulate speeding with no danger - or driver! - required.


Looking for a hosted version? Check out GpsGate Cloud.

GpsGate Cloud is an all-inclusive service hosted by GpsGate. We handle your server setup, server maintenance, and ongoing hosting. You can focus on growing your business while we handle the IT — no in-house tech expert required!

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