The Fleet app

Fleet control, around the clock.

Fleets don’t stop working because the office is closed. Our Fleet app helps owner-operators manage their fleets while on the go.

Mobile-office friendly

Built from the ground up, the Fleet app gives fleet owners and administrators an overview of the fleet plus the ability to view trips and data for individual vehicles. The Fleet app helps managers stay effective even when they are away from the office.

  • Real-time data
    All data is continuously streamed from your account, keeping you updated so that you don't miss crucial events
  • Lightning-fast UI
    Quick-search, filters, and snappy map navigation allow you to quickly find what you're looking for, no matter the fleet size
  • Trips, events, and much more
    Managers get access to the data they need while on the go

Keep departments in sync

The Fleet app helps managers, operators, and owners coordinate fleet activities and stay on the same page.

  • Notifications
    Instantly get push notifications or text messages with everything you need to make informed decisions
  • Location sharing
    Generate secure direct links and set auto-expiring access to share real-time vehicle locations

Google, Mapbox, ESRI – you name it.

Use your map provider of choice in the Fleet app. It supports Google Maps and ArcGIS (ESRI) maps. Using a custom ArcGIS map? No problem! You can use your custom maps as well. You can toggle between your maps in the Fleet app so that you're always using the most relevant data view.

Ready to try GpsGate?

Flexibility makes our software the most advanced for fleet tracking. You can create a custom tracking solution for any type of fleet customer you have.

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