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The complete B2B tracking solution

More than just a dot on the map.

Your customers expect smart tracking solutions. GpsGate lets you offer advanced fleet tracking software with your brand front and center. Our system is configurable so you can tailor it to your customers' needs.

Graphic showing a mockup of the GpsGate Server UI
backupOn-site or cloud

Host GpsGate behind your firewall or choose our secure cloud service.

androidUse any device you want

Support for 1000s of trackers, a built-in simulator, and a smartphone tracker app.

paymentsPay as you go

No upfront costs.
Pay for what you use.
No long-term commitments.

Become a partner

Build your business with GpsGate

Customer relationships matter the most. We let you focus on providing stellar services to your customers while we handle the software development. You help your customers improve fleet efficiency, stay safe, and meet regulations - and GpsGate stays in the background ready to help your business with anything you need.

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Tailor-made customer solutions

Seamlessly adapt your platform's branding and functionality to satisfy your fleet customers' needs.

  • Custom branding. Use your logo or your customers' logos.
  • Feature plugins. Add features on a per-application or per-user basis.
  • Data security. User-level permissions to keep customers' data safe.
  • Scripting. Customize and automate functionality using scripts.
  • Maps. Choose the built-in map or any map service you want.

One server handles all of your customer applications

We build software that lets you grow. No matter how large your business or your customers' fleets, users get lightning-fast tracking. 25,000 vehicles, 5,000 operators, 500 customers, no problem.

  • Individual customer applications. Run all of your customer applications from a single server, each with their own custom functionality, branding, and even localization.
  • Large-scale capacity. Easily handle thousands of customers with app templates and an optimized back-end.
Graphic showing a server stack and fictional information about four customers.
Graphic showing a server stack and fictional information about four customers.
Powerful integrations

Data wherever you need it

GpsGate lets you integrate with any other business software on the market. Extensive APIs ensure that you can sync fleet data wherever your customers need.

  • ERP systems. Optimize spending and improve forecasts.
  • Planning tools. Better planning with full fleet visibility.
  • Billing software. Accurate invoices without extra data entry.
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Flexibility makes our software the most advanced for fleet tracking. You can create a custom tracking solution for any type of fleet customer you have.

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