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How to reduce fuel costs with GPS fleet tracking

Fuel prices are rising and fuel theft is a growing concern. With the EU proposing to make fossil-fuel vehicles scarce by 2035, there's no better time than now to manage your fleet's fuel consumption.

The fleet industry is facing a paradigm shift. Growing regulations, consumer sentiment, and supply chain issues are all influencing fleets to go greener. To prepare for these regulations, planning needs to start now. GpsGate’s software makes fleets greener, safer, and more productive. Here's how we're helping fleets manage their fuel consumption, lower their costs, and reduce their environmental impact.

Fleet management to reduce fuel use with GpsGate

Encourage eco-driving in fleet vehicles

Harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and harsh turning are dangerous driving behaviors. They also increase fuel consumption. With GpsGate, you can monitor driver behavior for safe and eco-friendly driving. Fleet managers can identify which drivers produce the most dangerous driving alerts and follow up with reminders or extra training.

Reinforce speed limits and traffic regulations

Another part of eco-friendly driving is doing so at a reasonable speed. Higher speeds use more fuel so decreasing delivery time by speeding doesn’t mean you’re saving money in the end. Are there certain routes that accrue more speeding events than others? Is there a time of day when fleet drivers speed more? With GpsGate, you can track speeding and set alerts to trigger as soon as a fleet vehicles reach a dangerous speeds. Identifying these patterns improves fuel efficiency and saves money at the gas pump.

Monitor fleet fuel usage

Tracking fuel usage in large fleets doesn't have to feel daunting. Many fleet owners use vehicle devices with CANBUS that can accurately monitor fuel levels. With real fuel data, fleet managers can track expenses and forecast future fuel spend.

Track speeding and fuel usage with GpsGate

Real-time fuel theft protection

As the price of fuel increases, fuel theft becomes more common. For cases when theft is a real concern, third party manufacturers produce fuel theft prevention devices. Once configured into GpsGate, you can receive live alerts. Tampering of a fuel cap can produce an instant SMS, in-app notification, or email. This lets you follow up with the driver via phone or monitor the vehicle in real-time if you have vehicle cameras installed.

Best reports to manage fuel usage in fleets

GpsGate has 5 different standard reports to help you track and control fuel usage. You can also create your own custom reports to produce the exact data that your fleet needs to be most efficient.

Transitioning to greener vehicles

By 2035, it's anticipated that the EU will no longer allow sales of fossil fuel-powered vehicles. As fleet vehicles are capital-intensive investments, many fleet managers are slowly upgrading their fleets with more efficient vehicles. When vehicles become too costly to fuel up and maintain, they can gradually transition to more efficient hybrid or electric vehicles. The EU's Commission for Climate Action estimates that fleet owners can save up to €25 000 on fuel within the first 5 years of a fleet vehicle purchased in 2025. For fleet transport vehicles purchased in 2030, that fuel savings increases to €55 000.

For more on how GpsGate helps fleets go green, see this success story featuring electric vehicle manufacturer Paxster.

Use a fleet management platform to cut fuel costs

As fleet vehicles age, they tend to need more maintenance and consume more fuel. Without the proper data, it’s easy for older, poorly-maintained fleet vehicles to rack up undetected costs. With GpsGate, fleet managers can identify the vehicles that drain too many fleet resources and do something about it. A GPS fleet tracking solution helps managers to stay agile and meet all types of fleet challenges.

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