Blog 2024-03-21

Global Collabs: GpsGate x DataFix

Fleet management is more than just tracking real-time positions. Just ask DataFix. Tasked with the challenge of building a system to connect municipalities with their waste management fleets, DataFix turned to GpsGate to develop a powerful vertical solution.

Holistic solutions for diverse fleets

When DataFix’s customers began asking for a holistic fleet management solution, Matteo Cotarelli, the company’s Founder and CEO, knew that he needed a platform with power. DataFix had to build a solution to provide several data points. Accurate time-based information, tracking data, and weight measurements are all needed to inform invoicing for DataFix’s fleet customers. DataFix looked to GpsGate’s robust fleet management platform to begin connecting all these dots.

With integrations made possible with APIs and customizations with scripting, DataFix developed an intricate solution that connects vehicle data, and accurate weight measurements in GpsGate. This information is then used to inform invoices for municipal and private waste management fleets.

DataFix has full trust in GpsGate to solve the complicated challenges presented by their fleet customers. Within a short period, DataFix managed to pivot and collaboratively build a vertical fleet solution for waste management. This was made possible by GpsGate’s robust fleet management software, and the responsiveness of a sales and solutions team committed to setting DataFix up for success.

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