Blog 2024-03-21

Global Collabs: GpsGate x HHP

HHP's history represents a dynamic case study into the evolution of position-based tracking. From connecting salespeople with customers to keeping schoolgoers safe in the sweltering Saudi Arabian heat, HHP reliably solves countless fleet challenges. 16 years ago, HHP needed fleet software that could help them meet the stringent requirements of the Saudi government. They found GpsGate, and the rest is history.

Safer fleets through intuitive tracking solutions

With temperatures reaching up to 52 degrees Celsius in the Middle East, sheer exposure to the elements poses a risk to the safety of school children who take the bus. Many learners in Saudi Arabia rely on school buses to get to and from school, and the Saudi government recognized that in the harsh summer months, strict policies had to be put in place for school bus fleets to ensure maximum safety for these children. HHP realized they had the means to help, and with GpsGate in their corner, began developing an intricate fleet management solution that enabled school buses to ensure the utmost safety of the students they carry.

Within GpsGate, HHP has configured alerts that are triggered once bus drivers have performed checks to ensure no school children have been left on the bus. Remote engine kill is implemented whenever doors have opened, and bus doors cannot be opened unless the vehicle’s odometer reads zero. Since school buses in Saudi Arabia must refrain from making petrol refills with school children on board, HHP implements fuel usage sensors that send data to GpsGate and uses Points of Interest so fleet managers can monitor driver behavior and vehicle whereabouts. Overall, HHP has developed a highly effective solution with GpsGate.

HHP is the trusted solution for school buses in Saudi Arabia. Of the 25,000 buses that transport children to and from school in the country, HHP monitors 18,000 of them with GpsGate. HHP’s GpsGate-powered solution has gone from strength to strength and provided concerned parents and teachers with peace of mind.

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