Blog 2024-04-02

Global Collabs: GpsGate x MobiOne

For over 2 decades, MobiOne has made logistics smarter and more efficient throughout Scandinavia. In the early 2000s, their business was rooted in basic vehicle tracking, but when fleet customers began requesting more advanced data, MobiOne looked to GpsGate, stationed just a mile away from their office. Fast forward 14 years and 99% of MobiOne’s solutions include tracking on GpsGate’s platform.

Connecting cold chain fleet solutions to enhance logistics

MobiOne’s early offerings included tracking for high-value goods. At the time, gathering GPS data for vehicles was expensive, and relied heavily on legacy GSM networks. As global positioning technology developed they began receiving requests from customers about gathering advanced fleet data. They needed a solid GPS tracking solution to meet these growing customer needs primarily in cold chain, but also spanning oil and gas, and waste management fleets. To keep up with these growing demands, MobiOne sought out GpsGate to collaboratively tailor-make solutions for their expanding client base.

GpsGate’s dedication to innovative technology means that MobiOne can focus on crafting modern fleet solutions with a strong history to draw inspiration from. GpsGate’s flexibility, regular feature releases, and high level of service give MobiOne the foundation to build robust solutions for their customers. Whether it’s collecting temperature signals for cold chain operations or weight data for waste management, the Scandinavian companies that depend on MobiOne are in full control of their fleet vehicles on the ground.

GpsGate and MobiOne’s joint partnership is a Stockholm-based success story. 14 years of dynamic collaboration means 99% of MobiOne’s solutions include tracking on GpsGate’s platform. With each player bringing their respective strengths to the table, the fleets that rely on MobiOne across Sweden and Norway can operate efficiently every day.

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