Release 2021-09-16

Server administration is moving in-app

Improving GpsGate for server administrators is the focus of September's release. We're relocating server administration settings so that you can change them within any application. We've also made the new Tracks the default for a great end user experience.

Server administration is now in app! Administrators will no longer need to change between tracking applications and Site Admin in order to access server settings.

Server Administration

Calling all server admins: this release is for you. No more switching to Site Admin in order to change server settings!

Server administration in GpsGate application

Server settings are now accessible to administrators from any application. The new workflow lets you seamlessly change settings without switching back and forth to Site Admin. Simply click on the hamburger menu in the redesigned menu bar for access. Only administrators will see this option, so other users won't be distracted by extra settings that they don't have permission to view.


The new Tracks is the default experience for all users. This now applies upon page reload, so all users get the seamless experience of the new Tracks - tons of functionality in a pleasing UI.

Vehicle Status (beta)

We introduced custom vehicle status in last month's release. With templates, you can create multiple data displays to fit different roles and needs. Be sure to check it out and send us your feedback while it's still in preview release.

More details

For all of the release details, visit the September release notes. For access, update your server to the latest monthly release.

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