News 2020-11-27

New Gothenburg office

We continue to grow the GpsGate team at both our Stockholm headquarters and our second office in Gothenburg. Our employees in Gothenburg just moved into a new space after outgrowing our previous office. Welcome to the new and improved office!

We're officially moved in. Please watch your step and don't mind our dust (or moving boxes and cables)!

GpsGate Gothenburg office

We've just moved into our new space at Kyrkogatan 20-22 in Gothenburg (our Stockholm headquarters remain the same). Our developers and designers are already feeling right at home. Here's what we're looking forward to:

More space

Our Gothenburg team now has much more room to spread out when they are in the office. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many of our employees are choosing to work from home. When our employees do come to the office, we make sure to maintain safety precautions and generous personal space to stay safe and healthy amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The extra space is great in the present as employees socially distance. It will also be helpful in the future as we continue to hire more employees.

A great location

Our office is across the street from the beautiful Gothenburg cathedral and church grounds. Plus, there are tons of shops in the area for running errands at lunch, and lots of great cafes, restaurants, and bars for lunch, fika, or an afterwork drink.

Easy commute

We remain in a very central location, so it's easy for our employees to get to work on foot or by bike - or by taking public transit when it's safe. It's only a few minutes from the central train station, so it will also be easy for our employees to travel between the Stockholm and Gothenburg offices.

We are still getting settled in the new space, and we're looking forward to a time when we can host our partners and customers there in the future.

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