Release 2020-09-15

Getting devices online fast

The faster and easier you can onboard customers, the better. We've optimized the process for getting devices online to save you valuable setup time.

Get customers online and seeing value right away! This month’s release focuses on getting new devices and users added efficiently.

How we help you get customers onboarded quickly

Add device plugins directly from the application

Adding a new device type? Install the device plugin directly in the customer application. No need to go to Site Admin!

Install device plugin within the application

Automatically detect devices

See all unregistered devices sending traffic to your server. You can add a single device to a user by selecting it from the list or searching for it. Have more than one device? You can also…

Connect all detected trackers

Add all new devices all devices and have the system automatically create new device users for all unregistered devices!

Additional updates

We’ve got more in this release, plus an exciting preview release on the way.

  • More reporting upgrades: Small reports are now attached to the email.
  • REST resources for track info ID: You can now use REST with track info ID.
  • September release notes
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