Road Works - preview release

What's happening on the road? What's the fleet coverage been? Draw activity tracks to see where the fleet has been and what they've been doing.

Fleet management has always been about knowing vehicle location: seeing real-time location as well as historical data for your vehicles.

We’re taking it one step further by allowing you to see real-time and historical fleet coverage. The new Road Works lets you draw activity tracks for your fleet. Common use cases are plowing after a snowstorm, painting road markings, and paving streets.

Fleet coverage and activity tracks

What is fleet coverage?
Fleet coverage is not just knowing where your fleet is, but also what they are doing and when.

What are activity tracks?
Activity tracks show not only the position of vehicles, but also what activities (or work) the vehicles have done.

How can I use activity tracks?
Activity tracks let you create a coverage map of your fleet for a specific time period. It can also help you identify activity trends by time and location. You can track multiple activities and display them with different track colors and line types.

Here are the kinds of questions you can answer:

  • • What’s the fleet coverage of the city between 6-11am yesterday?
  • • Where are my taxis getting fares/paying customers?
  • • Where have my vehicles been speeding?
Get Started with Road Works

Ready to use Road Works? Follow the Getting Started with Road Works guide.

Note: There is no fee for testing the preview release. Starting January 1, 2020, access and use of Road Works will require an additional $2 monthly fee per tracked device. Customers must be using the Cloud or On-site pay-as-you-go model to access Road Works, and volume discounts apply.

*This post was updated November 2019.

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