Maximize fleet efficiency with Dashboard

Dial in on driver behavior and save on resources. Whether you're looking to monitor speeding events, reduce fuel use, or measure vehicle distances, Dashboard was designed to put fleet managers in control.

  • Get total fleet oversight and cut resource costs
  • Interact with real-time data to save time
  • Pull top lists of driver behavior to boost fleet performance
  • Receive live alerts in the Fleet app to keep mobile teams updated

Widgets display your data front and center

Widgets are the interactive elements of Dashboard. Pie charts, line charts, and histograms are designed to graphically represent your fleet's activities and put you in control. Need a snapshot of driver behavior? Click on a Widget to understand what's happening in your fleet.

  • Track event frequency to increase efficiency
  • Display fleet trends to highlight any outliers
  • Show distribution to analyze performance

Top Lists give a snapshot of driver behavior

Top Lists produce a record of your most triggered event rules. Created through interacting with Widgets, fleet managers use Top Lists to analyze speeding and harsh braking events, SOS alerts, and vehicles traveling the furthest. From Top Lists, users can click on vehicles or drivers to analyze even further.

  • Get a list of your speediest drivers
  • Stay on top of vehicle health by tracking driving distance
  • Highlight any vehicle to dig further into details

Stay on top of KPIs in the Fleet app

Built for fleet management on the go. Once Dashboard is enabled within GpsGate, your data is visible in the Fleet app. Interact with Widgets and create a Top List while you're on the move.

  • View Widgets to analyze fleet KPIs while on your smartphone
  • Create Top Lists to get a rundown of fleet performance
  • Set up push notifications to keep team members updated

Dashboard is a premium GpsGate Cloud feature

$ 3 USD / Device / Month

  • 30-day risk-free trial - cancel within a month and pay nothing
  • Managed cloud platform with maintenance-free hosting
  • Software updates & support
  • 5-device minimum totaling $15 USD monthly
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