GPS fleet tracking software

Get to know your fleet's behavior.

Speeding control made easy

Start by targeting speeding drivers

It’s time to gain control of your data by effectively managing driver behavior. GpsGate's user-friendly speeding event tool is front and center in your platform, designed to save you time and money.

  • Use our speeding event tool
    Create quick event rules using geofences and vehicle groups.
  • Cut fleet costs
    Set parameters to achieve fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Get to know your fleet better
    Fleet behavior reports show you where you can optimize performance.

Like shortcuts? Get fleet-wide insights in a few clicks.

GpsGate’s speeding event tool is designed to get you going quickly. Sign up now for a 30-day risk-free trial and catch speeding drivers in your fleet.

Let GpsGate transform the way you track driver behavior

  • Flag dangerous driving
    Speeding control is just the beginning. You can also track harsh braking and harsh acceleration. Safer fleets are within reach.
  • Fewer resources, less fuel
    Track your fuel consumption and reduce fuel costs by identifying and addressing speeding instances.
  • Notifications & built-in reporting
    Real-time alerts flag events that require attention and built-in event reports help you analyze your fleet’s performance.
  • Increase efficiency
    Real-time & historical data from GpsGate gives you the power to optimize fleet movements.
  • Top standards for data security
    Secure development practices with tools to keep sensitive fleet data safe.
  • Unmatchable system uptime
    GpsGate is always online, so you don’t have to worry.

Strengthen your tracking solution

Are you a tracking company looking to expand your business? We've got you covered. GpsGate’s dynamic software allows you to configure your platform beyond event rules.

Your fleet expertise amplified by GpsGate

GPS fleet management software that puts your customers in control.

  • Dynamic event rules
    Beyond speeding events, you can highlight POIs, Driver ID, harsh braking & acceleration.
  • Easy install of devices
    Our set-up guide gets your GPS trackers reporting live data in minutes.
  • Technical support on-hand
    Leverage our expert support to configure applications and create custom reports specific to your customers' needs
  • Fleet activity at your fingertips
    Push notifications for speeding events via our mobile app 24/7.
  • Volume discounts for scaling your business
    With your solution in place, our pricing lowers your per-unit cost as you grow.

Create your GpsGate Cloud account today

Our Cloud-based GPS tracking solution is designed to take you further. Discover what GpsGate can do for your business.

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