GpsGate ServerFeatures

GpsGate Server is a future proof tracking platform with a rich feature set to fulfill common tracking requirements. The modularity and configurability options make GpsGate Server an ideal platform for growing and changing tracing businesses. To simplify deployment and management of large installations GpsGate Server includes pre-configured application templates that can be customized to fit your specific purpose.

Solution modules
Module Description

Dispatch solution with Android and iOS Apps for mobile workers. With flexible job handling and route optimization.

ECO driving

Create reports and score cards to monitor and improve fleet efficiency and driver behavior.

Road Works

Track activities and get real-time and historical fleet coverage. You know what activity each vehicle was doing (plowing, painting, paving, etc.), where, and when.

Temperature Monitoring

Monitor temperature for regulated or temperature-sensitive transports like food, medicine, livestock, and electronics.

Vehicle Maintenance

Keep track of when your vehicles are due for service.

Feature Description
Access Filter

Setup filters to control which IP addresses can access your GpsGate Server

Active Directory Support

Users can automatically login to GpsGate Sserver using Active Directory directory service

Application templates

Create applications from templates. Can be exported/imported between servers


Use our own logotype.


Delete history data after a set time period. This way you can control the size of your database and how long data is kept on the server

Custom units

Create your own measurement files

Device Mapper Scripting

GpsGate variables can be assigned the result of a user defined script

Fuel consumption

Track fuel consumption based on fuel fill receipts

Garmin Support

Support for Garmin FMI and Garmin fleet 590 devices

LDAP Synchronization

Synchronize LDAP users with GpsGate Server


Create your own languages and customize existing languages

Map support

You can use Google maps, Bing, Map24, OpenLayers, GpsGate Native Map, Baidu, etc. Your own custom maps can also be imported

Mobile interface

Manage your vehicle fleet from mobile phones and tablets!

Odometer management

Use device odometers or configure virtual server side odometer to measure trip distances

Overview Application

Create an overview application to handle users from multiple applications in one view

Payment handling

Handle payment related information on a GpsGate Server. Simplify payment handling for tracking partners.

Road speed database

Create event rules based on real road speed limits using the OpenStreetmap database

Role based Access control

Control user access to data and application features based on Roles

Single Sign-on with Okta

Single sign on support using the SAML 2.0 protocol


Statistic module to gather server usage information

Web Service Scripting

Script your GpsGate Server Web Services to fit the data format required by external systems


Application runs in all major web browsers

Feature Description
Area Search

Search the map for your vehicle history for a selected time period.


Take pictures using cameras in your vehicles.

Cell ID

Use mobile network Cell IDs to track vehicles when GPS reception is missing

Custom icons

Use your own icons for vehicle markers and POI:s

Custom marker colors

Set your own colors for different objects

Driver ID

Manage drivers with RFID or IButton logins

Fat points

Automatically created when objects are idling


Add geofence based events

Jobs & Dispatch

You can create jobs to which you can assign a location, time, and a vehicle to execute it.

Live Trace
Map Measure Tool

Draw lines to measure distances directly on the map


Create notes on Users and Vehicles for example to keep track of tasks or to notify other users with short messages

Points of Interest

Import existing POIs from CVS files or create new by point and click inside the the user interface.

Public GPS tracking on your homepage

With the Publish plugin you can share views in VehicleTracker on a public URL.

Real Time Tracking

Track your vehicle fleet in real time in a web browser.

Signal Graphs

Draw graphs of tracker signals in VehicleTracker

Status Messaging

Show status messages in real time

Time on Site measurement

Measure time spent in geofences and time spent at points of interest

Track History management

Save unlimited track history or clear tracks after a certain period

Track Replay

Replay track history for a selected time period on the map

User Groups

Group tracked objects using Views

Feature Description

Show alarms in user interface in real time


Realtime dashboards with fleet statistics

Delayed Event Rules
Driver fatigue alerts

Measure that drivers follow regulations about driving hours and rest periods

Email Notifications

Get notification on events over email

End Expressions
Event Rules

Create rules that trigger events

SMS Notifications

Get notification on events over SMS

Time scheduled Event Rules

Reporting & Data export/import
Feature Description
ArcGIS Integration

Pull vehicle positions from GpsGate Server to an ArcGIS Server

IFTA report

IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) report used to simplify the reporting of fuel use by motor carriers that operate in more than one jurisdiction

Live KML feed

View positions in real time in Google Earth

Points of Interest import

Import and export POI lists as KML and CVS files


Over 20 reports are included and you can create any kind of report with the GpsGate reporting framework

Track export


Feature Description

Chat features to mobile phones and Garmin PND.

Custom device commands

Create your own commands to your tracking devices

Device management

Controlled batch management of a large number of tracking devices

SMS support

Multiple options for SMS support are available


Analyze device traffic in real time, raw and enhanced

Tracking device failure report

This report shows how much time your GPS trackers are “off line” to help you identify faulty trackers and bad usage.

Tracking device support

GpsGate Server supports over 300 different tracking devices

Feature Description
Data Forward

Forward the unmodified data sent from a device to one or many other GpsGate Servers

Database support


Open protocols

Open GpsGate Server protocol


Create your own plugins into the web interface


Customize your installation with scripting, for example Device Mapper Scripting and Web Service Scripting

Web Services

Show users live on a map on your web site

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Install it on your own server. The installation is free for 5 users.

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