GpsGate On-site

Legacy Licenses

GpsGate On-site is now a pay as you go solution. Perpetual licenses are still available for purchase for existing customers. GpsGate may also permit organizations with special invoicing needs (such as government agencies) to purchase perpetual licenses.

Legacy Licenses

The license includes support and free upgrades for a full year. The license is a one-time fee and it includes free upgrades for 12 months. The licenses will not expire, but after 12 months a small yearly fee is required for access to software updates and support. More information about continuing updates & support is in the next section.

And remember: your first five devices are always tracked for free!

GpsGate On-site Legacy Licenses

Legacy licenses

$60 USD / €50 EUR perpetual license including 12 months of software updates and support

Updates & Support Annual Subscription

Your GpsGate legacy license includes one year of updates & support. After one year, you will need a valid yearly subscription to updates and support if you'd like to continue with these services. Your annual fee includes access to new software releases, patches, bug fixes, technical assistance, and access to the following services: Native Map, Watchdog Services, Native Geocoder, Speeding Expression, Route Optimization, and Cell ID.

GpsGate Updates & Support

Updates & Support

Annual fee of $18 USD per license. Purchase in Server Administration -> Server -> License.

Google Maps navigation & geocoding

Google Maps and geocoding services are available for legacy on-site GpsGate installations. The service is offered on a per tracked device basis, so you can use it without a large initial investment.

You can purchase the service on a monthly or yearly basis in packages of 50 or 1000 tracked devices. You may need to purchase multiple packages to cover the total number of tracked devices on your server.

Google Maps add-on licenses

50 devices

1 month: $50 USD / €40 EUR for one month of Google Maps services for up to 50 devices.

1 year: $500 USD / €400 EUR for one year of Google Maps services for up to 50 devices.

1000 Devices

1 month: $800 USD / €650 EUR for one month of Google Maps services for up to 1000 devices.

1 year: $8000 USD / €6500 EUR for one year of Google Maps services for up to 1000 devices.

Frequently asked questions


Can I convert my legacy GpsGate On-site installation to your 'pay as you go' solution?

Absolutely! With our pay as you go solution, you only pay for what you use each month. There are no upfront costs, and you don't pay for licenses you aren't using. Even better? We'll convert your legacy licenses and provide you with a healthy discount based on your current server size. Contact us if you are interested.


How will I receive my purchased licenses?

License keys are delivered by email.


How many licenses do I need to purchase?

Each tracked device (e.g. vehicles, assets, and users with personal trackers) requires one license. Administrators and operators do not require licenses. If you have 25 vehicles, 5 operators, and 2 administrators, you need to purchase 20 licenses (5 free + 20 additional licenses = 25).


Where can I read the end user licenses agreement (EULA)?

Paid license fees are not refundable. Read the EULA for legacy licenses.


Are mobile operator fees included?

No. Please check with your mobile operator with questions about their fees.


VAT information

Pricing on this page is shown excluding VAT and other taxes. Purchases are done through our financial partner Share-it ( and any applicable taxes are added to the price and shown on the purchase page. Companies inside the EU do not pay VAT if they submit their VAT ID during the ordering process.

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