Ethical tracking policy

At GpsGate, we:

  • Provide software for companies following ethical tracking principles.
  • Maintain ethical business practices.

Our mission:

GpsGate’s mission is to help our tracking partners provide valuable tracking and logistics services to their clients. GPS tracking is key for many companies’ operations. It provides driver safety and cargo security, decreases environmental impact, and more. The data is useful and powerful for increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and driving revenue.

However, location data is often sensitive information. GpsGate partners should always take the utmost care with their customer data. It should never be shared without explicit permission, accessed by unauthorized parties, or be otherwise compromised.

Our terms prohibit our software being used for unethical or illegal tracking services.

Privacy for GpsGate customers

GpsGate respects the security and privacy of all customer data. GpsGate customers own their data, and customer data security is a top priority for us. Any data logged or collected is for the purpose of providing our service or improving our product.

GpsGate logs key service data in order to provide you with our software. This includes the number and type (manufacturer) of devices tracked, and installation and usage of plugins, applications, and reports.

We do not collect PII (personally identifiable information) within GpsGate Server, such as individual position data, device identifiers (e.g. IMEIs or phone numbers), or individual user session data.

Customers may opt-in to sharing additional system data within their System Admin privacy settings. This data is used by our product and software development teams for product improvement. We use it to improve GpsGate through aggregated analysis and keep GpsGate secure, reliable, and performant.

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