Free GpsGate Splitter Express License

GpsGate Splitter Express is a limited version of GpsGate Splitter Standard

It enables two applications to share one GPS and makes it possible to send position data to a GpsGate Server. For the full version you need a Standard License. See end of this page for a comparison of Express and Standard.

GpsGate Splitter Express is free for both private and commercial use.

A license grants you the rights to free minor updates and bugfixes during 12 months for GpsGate Splitter Express.

If you have any questions regarding the licensing models, want to suggest a different
licensing model or want to bundle GpsGate with your software, please contact us .

Feature comparison
Feature GpsGate Splitter Standard GpsGate Splitter Express
Any number of applications connected to GPS via GpsGate Direct
Number of application connected to GPS via Virtual COM Ports Any number 2
Javascript access - GPS in Browser
Garmin USB GPS
Garmin Serial GPS
Bluetooth GPS
nRoute (Garmin protocol output)
Connect to Google Earth
Send data to GpsGate Server
Log and replay GPS data
Simulate a GPS
Redirect GPS data to physical COM port
Share GPS over TCP/IP, UDP or HTTP
Virtual port as input
NMEA Mux (multiple inputs)
Sharing over Bluetooth
Sharing over ActiveSync
Run as a service (NT/2k/XP)
Multiple instances

Download GpsGate Splitter

GpsGate Splitter standard features are activated for a 14 day trial period

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