Pricing Software Updates and Support

GpsGate Server - Software Updates and Support (12 months)
Software Updates and Support is included for 12 months in the license.

After 12 months Software Updates and Support can be extended for USD $12.00 or EUR €9.60 per GpsGate Server License per year. A 10% discount is applied to the price above if the agreement is extended before it has expired.

GpsGate Server Software Updates and Support includes new software releases, patches, bug fixes and access to the following services:

Native mapsInhouse map service based on OSM ( data.
WatchDogGpsGate Server monitoring service with live alerts
GpsGate GeocoderGeocoding service for spatial analysis using OSM ( data
Speeding ExpressionRoad speed service for speeding events using OSM ( data
Route OptimisationDispatch functionality to automatically optimise the sequence of multiple jobs
Cell IDCell tower based positioning service

A valid Software Updates and Support agreement is required for access to the services above.

Email support is provided from support @ gpsgate . com for customers with a valid software updates and support agreement. The response time is one business day. Email Support is given for technical questions regarding the product functionality and configuration of the product. Email support is given to one named contact person at the customer.

Software Updates and support is optional and you may continue to use your licenses without it. Software updates are free for small GpsGate Servers with up to five (5) users.

Extending Software Updates and support

The updates and support agreement is extended directly in the Site Administration application. The current status is shown on the page: SiteAdmin -> Settings -> Licenses.

The total price for the extension is calculated as the number of credits required for the server for the next 12 months. One credit per month is required for each GpsGate Server License after its initial 12 month period.

...very sincerely, all your support people are like the best friends - I feel so comfortable and secured. It looks, all you guys really love what you do

Mikheil Gotoshia Alternet,  CEO

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