Build 6743

August 2022

A new look for the Area Search tool, Slack integration for event notifications, and more!

Check below for the full notes or read the August release blog for an overview.

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User Experience

Developer & System Administration

  • Extend the published map with extra layers or info. The Publish map (iframe) now exposes a micro API for extensions for sharing locations.
  • Add new English language keys and icons.

Device Plugins

We're constantly updating device plugins and adding more supported devices. To see the updates, search for your device on our supported devices page. All individual device pages show the releases for the device manufacturer.

  • AccuTracking
  • Armoli: add support for L300, L300Go, S300 and S300-GC devices. Add support for Ignition Status, Odometer (Distance on protocol), Digital Input 1, Digital Input 2 and OBD. Active longitude parser fix.
  • ATrack: add TextMessage, TextMessage2, DTC_Codes for all ATrack devices.
  • GalileoSky: data parsing fix for Galileo devices with Iridium connection.
  • Jimi IoT (Concox): add support for LL302, LL303, VL501, and VL502 tracking devices.
    Add new signals support for LL303 device: BatteryVoltage, CoverRemove, LowBattery, Battery High Temperature Alarm, Odometer, PowerLevel, Tamper, GSM signal, Speed alert, Vibrating alert.
  • Meitrack: rewrite binary parser, add following devices: TS299L, MD500S, MD511H, MD522S, MD533S, MD811H, and MD822S.
  • Orbcomm: Add Sensor5 for 'IDP Standard' device.
  • Queclink: add support for GC350CEU device. Fix parsing OneWire for GV350MA device. Add support of BatteryPercent for GTPNL.
  • Teltonika: add support for FMC920, FMM920, and Teltonika Iridium Edge devices.
    Teltonika FMC130: add support for TripOdometer, TotalOdometer, DigitalOutput1, DigitalOutput2, DigitalOutput3, and DallasTemperature1 - DallasTemperature4.
    Teltonika FMC640: add support for Tire1GraphicalPosition - Tire24GraphicalPosition, and Tire1SensorId - Tire24SensorId.
    Teltonika FMB130: add support for DallasTemperature 2, 3, 4.
    Teltonika FMB640 and FMC640: add support for ImpulseCounterFrequency1,ImpulseCounterRpm1, ImpulseCounterFrequency2, ImpulseCounterRpm2, and ImpulseCounter.
  • TopFly: DigitalInput1 (DIN1) for TLW2-12BL device.
  • Trak-IOT: add ZL-A01 device, fix ACK response functions, add signals, and events handling.
  • Tzone: fix Temperature and Geolocation data parsing, Humidity for TT18 device.

Developer & System Administration

  • Add option to export a template as xml in Manage Applications.
  • Update privileges to show under Data in User Actions. Tracks changes going forward, but not historically.
  • RabbitMQ: add possibility to enable and disable each configuration and set timeout for connections, and improved failure handling.
  • UI improvements in the Queue viewer page in Server Administration.
  • Add support for multiline text for User Description property and custom fields of type "Paragraph Text" for Batch Edit/Import/Update User features.
  • General performance improvements.

User Experience

  • Disable the Switch to Application icon when an application is expired.
  • Improve the error message language around weak passwords when adding API new user.
  • Add more checks to ensure the device edit form is displayed only when all data is loaded.

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix the search box in Server Administration -> Applications -> Manage Applications. A search could sometimes fail with a blank page as a result.
  • Fix deploy in cases where a plugin dependency is not part of the current repository.
  • Fix for invalid line break in maintenance notifications.
  • Fix for situation with database upgrade from MySQL < 5.5.3.
  • Fix user sync stopped working when using tags.
  • Fix reverse geocoding for PickPoint.
  • Fix issue when speed column data wasn't visible when exported.
  • Fix issue where the email component could malfunction and use excessive resources.
  • Fix memory leak for sessions.
  • Fix to remove duplicated keys when there is more than one track point with the same timestamp.
  • Fix issue when POI mega search could return duplicates.
  • Fix rare issue with POI search when it might throw an exception.
  • Fix issue with the Batch Update User functionality in cases when a tag and a role have the same names.
  • Fix issue when using a calendar in Dispatch causes an error (note: Dispatch is deprecated).

Passenger Manager was deprecated with June's release. Dispatch was deprecated with March's release.

Chat is deprecated. SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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