Build 7373

March 2023

March 2023's update of GpsGate is a treat for system administrators. You asked, and we listened - we've taken customer feedback to improve the way that you manage users and applications within our fleet tracking platform. Within GpsGate, it's now easier to assign users to applications with batch editing. Work faster and more efficiently to give your team access to the applications they work in every day.

Beyond that, you'll find new and improved visuals for our Getting Started and context menus. GpsGate's intuitive, modern design keeps your team efficient and makes for a better experience with our platform.

Don't wait - update! Benefit from the latest and greatest GpsGate features by keeping your platform updated. If you use our mobile apps, visit the Google Play and App stores to update.
For all the details, see our Beta release notes.


User Experience

We've updated our welcome window to get new users started on the right foot. When entering the application, the Getting Started window gives you the option to set up a GPS tracking device or test with a GpsGate simulator in a user-friendly design. Using new tools and features within GpsGate should be intuitive. This month, we've also cleaned up the context menu in the application. As you right-click, you'll navigate with a clean layout that includes color updates, and legible typography.

  • Visual updates to the context menu that appears when right-clicking on the vehicles on the map or in the Vehicle List.
  • Updates to the Map Toolbar for an updated look and feel.

Fleet app
This month, our team has improved the way data is displayed in our mobile Fleet application. You'll find a toggle setting to customize the way you view variables in your vehicle details.

  • Add a toggle to set the visibility of all custom variables.
  • Add 'Last received' as a sorting option.
  • Vehicle variables design updates.
  • Vehicle variables now have both 'Changed' and 'Received' fields.

Developer & System Administration
Looking for some more easy-editing tricks? We've moved Site Admin User editing into the application. You can now use batch editing to give multiple users access to applications without navigating back to Site Admin. More improvements to streamline your admin tasks:

  • Application names in the main menu application selector are now automatically updated after changing the application name.
  • Remove the application from the application selector after deleting an application.

Device Plugins
Each month, our dedicated device integration team configures new variables and signals to the GPS tracking devices and accessories you depend on. New this month in GpsGate:

  • Teltonika Telematics: we've added support for advanced beacon signals, and multiple device inputs to FMB003, FMB120, FMB130, FMB920, FMC003, FMC130, FMM00A, FMM1100, FMM230, and TFT100 tracking devices.
  • Meitrack: we've added new variables to support the MD500S and T399L devices.
  • Queclink: a variety of new inputs added to the GL320MG, GV200, GV350, and GV300CAN tracking devices.

User Experience

  • Improve logic for showing tooltips in Find Closest Vehicle.
  • Updates to visuals to support a more robust content layout and prevent breakage when localizing.

Developer & System Administration

  • Improve error message when using Route Message while the Script Direct Listener is disabled.
  • Remove Map client cache over cache for URL.
  • In case of an HttpExpression failure, the response text is logged as part of the error.

As we improve features each month, we want to keep you in the loop on even the tiniest fixes. We work to make our platform a seamless experience so you can keep your workflow efficient.

User Experience

  • Bug fix for Vehicle Status templates: for cases when widget/action button-window wouldn't be displayed on top.
  • Bug fix that caused pages Site Admin > Settings > Email > Edit email provider and Edit SMS provider to not display any data in the form.
  • Bug fix that for cases when the New Resource window in Maintenance is displayed as blank.

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix to update device's create time to get user details.
  • Fix privileges causing failures when merging application templates.
  • Fix legibility issues caused by content overflow in Vehicle List.
  • Fix null reference exception.
  • Bug fix for improperly installed Dispatch plugin.
  • Fix broken LdapSync.
  • Fix error code for REST API commands send to device method.

Archiving was deprecated with January 2023's release.

SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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