Build 5611

May 2021

ArcGIS map layers are now available in general release - a great way for Esri users to see all of their data directly on the map. We've also updated the POI interface and made lots of backend improvements. Read the May release blog for all of the release highlights or dive into the details below.

Remember, Tracks (and vehicle status!) are available in preview release. Learn more about the new Tracks and Vehicle Status on the blog. Learn how to update your server.


ArcGIS map layers

  • Run all your ArcGIS maps as layers on top of Native Map 2.0.
  • ArcGIS Webmaps updated to ArcGIS v4.
  • NOTE: ArcGISMap will not work with IE11.

POI (Points of Interest)

  • Points of Interest redesigned with performance improvements (geocoding, event rules, import & export), native import and export, and a new UI.

Tracks (beta)

  • Tracks 2.0 beta now supports events in the timeline and on the map among other updates.

Vehicle Status (beta)

  • Add icon sets and event badge to vehicle status.
  • Other minor enhancements.

Device Plugins

We also updated device plugins and added more supported devices. To see the updates, search for your device on our supported devices page. All device pages show the releases for the device manufacturer.

  • Antzer Tech
  • Astra Telematics
  • ATrack
  • Concox
  • DM Telematics
  • ERM
  • GpsGate
  • Meitrack
  • Pacific Track
  • Queclink
  • Telic
  • Teltonika
  • Xirgo (BCE plugin)

Security improvements have been made, so we recommend a server update.

We also improved the user experience with a better preview of selected items when using a multi-select list in the application.

Developer & system administration

  • Finding files is easier with two default file extention changes: batch user import and batch update have default .csv extensions. Import geofences has default .kml/.kmz and .csv extensions.
  • More detailed logging for 'not found' geofences and database-related errors. We also improved cleanup for template entries for deleted items.
  • Limit ongoing events for the same user and event rule to 100 from namespaced scripted events.

Use case-specific/ regional plugins have also been updated:

  • MPOB: add QZE report.
  • SUTRAN: convert speed to km per hour (instead of miles per hour) according to new specifications.

A few fixes for the user interface and a few for the backend/system admin are included.

  • Fix bug where “Install plugin” button wasn’t correctly shown in the User form.
  • POIs: Fix color in import. Fix timeout error when removing a POI group with many POIs. Fix dispatch menu on POI plus various POI post release fixes.
  • Fix Charging and SosButton field type.

Developer & system administration

  • Bug fix for "Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'MySqlConnection'"
  • Remove a geofence from groups when it's deleted through REST API.
  • Fix compatibility with the current Reporting plugin.
  • Fix database deadlock when processing reporting data using Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Fix case where data was not cleaned up after removing an application.

SOAP WebServices is discontinued. Use the corresponding REST API.

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