Build 7522

May 2023

User-friendly design with fast loading times. May 2023's release of GpsGate's fleet management software delivers just that. When we develop our product, we focus on features that help you operate your platform intuitively and make system changes quickly. First up this month - we've added our Area Search tool to the GpsGate Store so you can assign it to applications with a few clicks. Further, a refresh of our Device Mapper tool features a UI update and ultra-fast loading time so you can easily tweak complex settings.

Did you miss the news about GpsGate Cloud signup? Instant registration is now available on our website. Better yet? The first 30 days are risk-free. Here's how to request a GpsGate Cloud account.

Do your best work. Keep your GpsGate platform updated. Are you one of our mobile app users? Visit the Google Play and App stores to update. Below are the highlights of this monthly release. If you're looking for even more detail, see our May Beta release notes here.


Developer & System Administration
Updates to the Store allow you to apply GpsGate's free and premium features to applications, like Area Search. Area Search is a powerful feature that delivers geo-specific details. Fleet managers click and drag to select an area on the map to track historical fleet details: Who drove in this portion of the map? What events occurred here? Have drivers been speeding in this zone?

More changes for system admins:

  • Area Search is enabled via the Store.
  • Google Maps and Area Search are now part of the Updates.v5 plugin.

Device Plugins

Each month, our dedicated device integration team configures new variables and signals to the GPS tracking devices and accessories you depend on. Device updates to GpsGate this month:

  • Queclink Wireless: add UDF support for GV300, GV300W and GL300
  • Teltonika Telematics: new to GpsGate this month is the FMM003. We've added support for advanced signals on multiple devices including the FMC150 new inputs added
  • Jimi IoT/Concox: GT06, new device JC450
  • Further updates to ORBCOMM and Howen can be found on their device manufacturer pages.

Developer & System Administration

Faster loading times mean better access for system admins. GpsGate’s device mapper tool is a place to configure details of tracking devices and signals. From the application, we’ve improved this pop-up window’s loading speed. This makes it easier for technicians and engineers to tweak device inputs and signal data. The GpsGate team is committed to making load times for complex data as fast as possible.

  • The edit device mapper window now opens faster and has a new layout and look. You can still find it following the same path: Main menu -> Admin -> Device mappers.
  • Site Admin users are now allowed to log in to expired apps to access Site Admin settings.
  • Reporting: handle unicode characters in reports data store for MySQL. Unsupported characters will be replaced with a ?.
  • Use HTTPS to get server external IP.
  • Use ILogger instead of NLog.Logger in NmeaConnection class.

User Experience

  • We've added a link to the Support Portal in the Store so that tips and troubleshooting info is easy to find.


As we develop our new and existing features, we fine-tune to keep your platform running smoothly. Here's a list of some of the fixes we've made this month:

User Experience

  • Fix issue that caused the Event Rule wizard toolbar to be shown as transparent.
  • Fix cell width in event table when content overflows.
  • Fix issue to improve table drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Fix a bug that caused the 'Take picture' option to not show in the vehicle right-click menu.
  • Fix to slow email logs query.
  • Fix for deletion of sms provider.

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix a bug causing a blank page after creating a new application.
  • Fix issues when application privileges are not saving properly.

Archiving was deprecated with January 2023's release.

Removed Passenger Manager plugin with April 2023's release.

SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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