Build 6930

October 2022

This month's release is chock-full of tools to make GpsGate even easier and more enjoyable to use. Use the Closest Vehicle tool, quick branding, and in-application search to improve workflow and create a better visual experience. Read on for all the detailed notes or see the October release blog for an overview.

To benefit from the latest GpsGate features, keep your platform updated.


Closest Vehicle tool

  • Add option to find the 5 closest vehicles to a selected location on map. Right click on the map and select the option Find closest vehicles.
  • Add localization key for Find closest vehicles.

GpsGate Maintenance Cloud
With GpsGate Maintenance, fleet managers can use preventative maintenance to lower costs and increase fleet uptime.

  • GpsGate Maintenance feature for cloud-hosted servers. Add Maintenance in the GpsGate Store.
  • Mobile app for the brand new GpsGate Cloud Maintenance feature.

GpsGate Store

Extend the functionality of your applications with GpsGate Store. On this landing page, you'll be able to add free and premium features.

  • An in-app store where new free and paid features are offered.

User Experience

  • Changes to application branding for easy editing:
    - logo, and colors, can now be be quickly configured just by clicking the logo image-location in the upper left corner of the application.
    - add a new "_EditApplicationBranding" privilege to control availability of the "Quick add app branding" feature.


  • Keyboard navigation will only trigger the track point tooltip when automatic tooltip is enabled.
  • Sort track tooltip variables to make it easier to find relevant data.
  • Add a menu option to disable automatic opening of the track point tooltip.
  • Add track point time & date to track point tooltip.

Developer & System Administration

  • Updates to email logs: able to filter queued, cancelled emails, and cancel pending emails.
  • New separators in the Site Admin window for clearer and more consistent titles.
  • Support setup having a reverse proxy or load balancer with public HTTPS and HTTP targets.
  • Add 'protected void ToGpsGate' for TrackPoint, Status, and OneWireData.

Device Plugins
We're constantly updating device plugins and adding more supported devices. This month, our development team added new devices from Queclink's LTE Cat 1 line. To see the updates, search for your device on our supported devices page. All individual device pages show the releases for the device manufacturer.


GpsGate Maintenance Cloud

  • Improve Maintenance sample data in GpsGate Cloud.
  • Improve empty states in Maintenance in GpsGate Cloud.

Developer & System Administration

  • Updated Spanish language file with new localization keys.
  • Auto focus text input field in Send Test Email popup in Site Admin -> Settings -> Email. Disable Send button and show spinner while test email is being sent.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Sort sub privileges like _ReadMessageFields alphabetically in Edit Application -> Privilege section.
  • Missing localization keys in email logs added.
  • Compatibility fixes.

Renaming main menu options in application:

We've streamlined our main menu naming for consistency and ease of navigation. Server Administration is now Site Admin, and within Site Admin, we've changed Server to Account. Server Terminal is changed to simply Terminal. Finally, Site Admin Application has changed to Site Admin (Legacy).

Enable the Odometer Accumulator for new devices by default:

  • Add the Odometer Accumulator to all existing user types what contain mapped devices.
  • If a mapped device supports a hardware odometer then the Odometer Accumulator will be set to use it by default.
  • When creating a new user type and at least one device is mapped the Odometer Accumulator will be preselected.
  • Update "Basic One" and "User Types" templates
  • Improved "Batch Import Users" and "Batch Update Users" jobs to support setting of "Use Device Odometer" property.

User Experience

  • Improvement to make it easier to select/deselect multiple table columns.
  • Autofocus table columns search input.
  • Improve variable localization in tooltips for Charts and Tracks.
  • Change Tracks color presets, remove red and add teal.

User Experience

  • Fleet App: bug fix where pressing the Vehicle tab would crash the app in certain cases.
  • Fix issue that in some scenarios rendered daily summary and tracks panel to show different distances.

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix in the select dropdown that caused a blank area during search and permanent search result after closing the overlay.
  • Fix to show Maintenance panel with Maintenance (Legacy).
  • Fix to prevent workspace to go to Default instead of a new workspace.
  • Fix issue with some panels crashing when converting panel to window.
  • Fix issue with menu now shown in maintenance panel and table not being updated when panel becomes active.
  • Fix issue where the user could not select the license expiration date later than 2023.
  • Fix removing resources associated with a user when removing the user.
  • Fix rare case causing database connection to leak and not reuse.
  • Remove unused PostgreSQL database connection.
  • Fix an issue with Batch Import Users. Eliminates an error when accumulators have to be explicitly presented in a CSV import file to be added to a new user even if those accumulators are in an appropriate User Template.

Passenger Manager was deprecated with June's release. Dispatch was deprecated with March's release.

Chat is deprecated. SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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