Build Build 4543

August 2020 release

A new reporting experience! It's optimized for usability and system performance.



  • Can set priority on Geofence groups (determining the color of the Geofence)
  • Geofence changes immediately pushed to clients
  • geofences.getUsers(...), .getGroups(...), .updateGroup(...) available in Notifier Click Scripts


  • Added a "Install Plugin"-button for more control of when Plugins are installed
  • Improved Firewall check
  • Fixed issue where the Getting Started window would re-appear when switching maps
  • Fixed issue where the Getting Started window would show an error if user has just installed a new plugin

Icon sets:

  • Added _EditIconSets privilege to control the visibility of "Icon Sets" feature in the Admin menu in VehicleTracker
  • Renamed privilege section "IconLibrary" to "Icons" and put icon related privileges here
  • Privilege is enabled for every role that have access to the "Admin" menu today


  • Change default Track Filter to City Drive
  • Fix rare case when tracks are not recorded for a full day
  • Make default track filter less aggressive. TimeFilter set to 10 seconds by default.
  • Performance improvement when opening Applications with many privileges in "Search and Manage" and "Batch Edit" in SiteAdmin
  • Performance improvement when opening "Roles" in VehicleTracker
  • Hide tags that the user does not have _ReadData access to in the user form
  • Check available columns and add the Simulated Device State panel to the first available and preferred column
  • Fixed IE11 startup issue
  • Fix issue causing excessive logging in JS log
  • Deploy - Fixed "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: inner" exception
  • Fixed geofence CSV import
  • Event Rule Wizard - Fixed loading a command notifier for which a device has been deleted
  • Fixed slow saving of event rules on server with a large number of applications
  • Fixed Variable Notifier when source value is an empty string
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