Build Build 4656

September 2020 release

Getting devices online fast

  • Added a new 'device online' workflow to the User form in the application. You can now download new device plugins, detect unregistered devices sending data to the server, and add multiple devices at once.
  • Add Username variable to template commands
  • Improved logic when initiating the simulator panel. The panel will never get added to a column that is collapsed.
  • Not filling up ErrorLog when an empty address is returned
  • Setup default mappers on app creation or device definition install/upgrade instead of on-demand
  • Remove duplicate device mappers
  • Added application name to spam blocker message
  • Add total keys, translated keys and % translated keys stats to localization editor
  • Fixed disappearing privileges for AccessFilter
  • Fixed issue with disappearing _Me tag
  • Fixed fetching track related data using SOAP
  • Fixed GateMessage error parse infinity speed
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