Build 4819

October 2020 release

Two-factor authentication is now available!

  • Two-factor authentication can be enabled on the server. Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of protection to your account by requiring you to enter a one-time passcode when accessing your account. To use 2FA, you need to download and install an authentication app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • GpsGateServer/SiteAdmin/Index.aspx now redirects to the main login page if the user is not logged in. Redirects to SiteAdmin if user is logged in.
  • GpsGateServer/Login.aspx page is now deprecated and redirects to the main login page.
  • The columns in Event Panel table can be reordered.
  • Fixed closing events after they have been cleaned up.
  • Fixed caching issue when switching between old and new scripting engine.
  • List required Custom fields before not required Custom Fields in User Edit window.
  • Fix issue with templates sharing custom fields settings when creating a new through copying it.
  • Service logs HTTP bindings at startup
  • Fleet App module can now be selected when adding new keys in the localization editor.
  • Fix next and prev month buttons in the calendar after changing sorting to years.
  • Add Select button to date pickers.
  • Fix issue where the event panels selected date would reset when reopening the date picker.
  • Various upgrades that stopped running on install since .3303 should run again (GC, MIME, JintVersion, NLog targets)
  • Fixed issue where Event panel become blank when in window mode.
  • Performance boost while mirroring roles between IIS and the GpsGate Service.
  • When creating a new device, Username and Display name is now populated with autogenerated suggestions.
  • Improved performance for track related operations.
  • Reduce the loading time of the login page.
  • The drawn simulated track will now handle turns and follow the road better.
  • When starting a new route, the simulator's initial position will be sent instantly.
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